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Communication marketing Plan & Strategies

AN ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET. Over the years, we have helped numerous companies in Hungary to expand their network and strengthen their brand reputation – two fundamental steps for business growth by developing their website and landing pages.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial mindset and communication skills, we know what makes a website and a landing page efficient marketing tools and valuable brand assets.

We have developed, managed and optimised Google Adwords campaigns for enterprises in various industries. Our consultants possess strong analytical skills, enabling them to evaluate both the results and how marketing resources stack up in support of the business goals.

When a company decides to invest in Hungary it must reshape its thinking, language, and communication flow, and each message must be fine-tuned and made specific for the goals of the business.

Vision, planning, development and monitoring are the key steps to achieve business objectives and optimize time and resources.

You can trust the ITL Marketing team to build the best communication strategy which encompasses your investments and projects in Hungary.

Meet our Head of Division

Luigino Bottega

ITL Marketing Division Head of Department

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