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What we do

ITL Group is proud to offer training on the Accelium method to those who want to bring a fresh perspective and a state-of-the-art training and assessment system to their organization.

Innovative skills development, assessment, recruitment, game-based solutions for the global age, with AI technology. Present on over six continents, in 40 countries and used in 12 languages by over 4 million learners and over 10,000 facilitators, it includes about 50 different challenging games.

Accelium is a learn-through-play and scientifically proven methodology for the development of enterprise and personal skills based on online strategy games that leverage AI technologies.

Games provide a fun and enticing experience that promote the free exploration of ideas, so this method will help challenge your organization with disruptive thinking, boost training in an enthusiastic way and bring dynamism to your recruitment and assessment processes.

This methodology is particularly effective when it comes to HR practices.

Our company offers four main services:

  1. Accelium Pro: Immersive corporate training programs
  2. 360 assessment
  3. Talent / Recruitment
  4. TTT Train the Trainer

1. Accelium Pro: Immersive corporate training programs

Accelium Pro helps teams and individuals build the pivotal high-level skills they need to excel. Through powerful meta-cognitive models and exercises, it helps employees develop dynamic thinking-, problem-solving- and decision-making skills, and become more methodical and resilient.

We offer Thinking Workshops such as Problem-Solving Workshops (that use methodical analysis to divide problems into smaller chunks to be tackled more effectively), Situation Analysis Workshops (that expose participants to different problem-solving perspectives and help build collaboration and communication skills), Decision-Making Workshops (that challenge participants with prioritization, timing, resource allocation and proactivity dilemmas) and Flexible Thinking Workshops (that give participants an opportunity to experience different forms of environmental change and transition).

The workshops are followed by a one-to-one meeting with our highly qualified coaches, where you will receive feedback on your performance and analyse the results of the game-based test. Furthermore, the coach will provide valuable guidance on how to improve yourself further. You will also get access to the multi-device, optimized online-platform, so you will be able to access the games anytime and anywhere.

“We all have to improve ourselves on a cognitive or emotional level, improve our skill-set. If everything is changing so much, the one key element that will help you survive is improving yourself, your ability to survive those changes, cope and adapt to those changes.” – Ehud Shachar

Accelium PRO In Action from Accelium on Vimeo.

2. 360 assessment: Skill levels, decision-making style and behavioral patterns

The cloud-based system of Accelium 360 utilizes the most advanced evaluative technology to create an immersive, accurate and easy-to-use testing environment that uses game challenges to track behavioral responses and decision-making processes to assess how people within the organization think and operate.

It stimulates real-world challenges better than traditional testing methods and offers constant engagement for its users. Participants are taught a strategy game and are asked to solve a series of game challenges. Rich user metrics (such as user behavior, game performance, error rate, learning curve) are collected and analyzed. Then, a thorough report that shows skill levels, decision-making style and behavioral patterns is generated. Finally, data is compared to local and global benchmarks to achieve a full understanding of the players’ abilities and potential.

3. talent / gamified-recruitment: engage your future team members

Accelium Talent are fun, easy game-based tests that offer the chance to get a more comprehensive view of your employees and job applicants.

As Nadav Egozi, Accelium Israel Corporate Solutions Director, said in our interview, gamified-assessments are becoming an increasingly common recruitment tool to screen through thousands of applications in search of the best candidates, and to be more attractive for them.

Accelium Talent’s tool tests critical skills in a fast, effective and engaging way. It provides a multidimensional report on each test-taker that offers valuable information about applicants’ thinking and behavioral patterns, work pace, management and problem-solving style.

It analyzes the full spectrum of employee capabilities to single out high potential individuals.

It fosters smart group decisions by comparing group results to similar groups to identify its strong suits and skills gaps, by comparing the thinking skills of all individuals within the group (to highlight outliers and dominant thinking styles) and by using personal reports detailing the results of each group’s members to get an accurate feel for individual performance.

“We allow companies to profile how their current and potential employees think and their soft-skills (crucial for the 21st century), because games simulate our thinking process.

You can really assess them, in a very objective way, removing cultural biases and using an AI system.”  Nadav Egozi, Accelium Israel Corporate Solutions Director

Accelium Talent from Accelium on Vimeo.

4. TTT Train the Trainer (photo of certified Accelium trainer)

If you are a trainer, coach or consultant and if you want to enhance organizational learning with fascinating games to generate deep and habit-changing learning experiences, you can become an Accelium Facilitator.

Through fun group dynamics, innovative techniques and a hands-on, personal approach you’ll acquire useful constructive mediation tools to help learners reach their full learning potential by constructing compelling experiences, providing proper context, asking the right questions, giving feedback and triggering reflective critical analysis.

Accelium Pro – Coach from Accelium


​In 1994, when a team of chess players and game theory experts decided to extend their chess-mentoring experience to a variety of strategy games, a powerful learning tool was created in Israel: Accelium.

Accelium’s research-proven learning process consists of 3 stages:

  • Play. The facilitator explains basic game strategies for one of the many strategy games in the program and learners start playing.
  • Learn. The facilitator uses a metacognitive model to review the game-playing session and analyzes cognitive and emotional processes triggered by the game.
  • Apply. Methods and strategies used in the game are then successfully applied by the learners to real-life problems areas – professional, academic, social, personal.

The philosophy behind the method includes strategy games, meta-cognitive models and mediated learning.

The innovative game-based training and assessment tools inspired by the method combine personal coaching, team workshops and mobile learning to create an engaging experience to help learners hone their cognitive, emotional and social skills (such as strategic thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills, self-awareness and resilience) and continually practice effective strategies, reflect on and improve their skills and performance.

The innovative Accelium Method is currently being taught in 12 languages and in over 30 countries around the world, has over 4 million learners and 10,000 teachers.

Accelium Technology from Accelium

Our primary objective is to help our Clients to minimize the risks arising in connection with
employment and organizational developments, and help them reduce the costs and required
time interval.

We focus on delivering high-end HR services and superior solutions to our Clients’ Human Resources needs. Our approach is result-driven and highly adaptable ensuring that our Clients receive creative, efficient and timely services.

ITL HR Solutions, with its custom made solutions, increases organizational efficiency and keeps the cost of Human Resources at an optimal level.

Meet our Head of Division

Szilvia Szlavitsek

Head of Training and Corporate Events

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