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Tax consultancy

Many entrepreneurs have chosen to open a company in Hungary as a strategic base for their business for various reasons, such as the low corporate tax. Considering the complexity and dynamics of the local fiscal areas, our experts will provide you with critically important information for a successful business entry and growth in the Hungarian market. We have been helping companies to understand the Hungarian taxation system and make strategic financial decisions and to optimize their payable taxes since 1995.

Our experts in Budapest will help you with your tax planning, to address any taxation issues. In addition, we also assist our clients in defining their company financial plans.

Local and international regulation frameworks’ complexity is increasing. Our experts will show you how to cope with these changes in order to stay compliant with all requirements, mitigate your tax risks and improve the efficiency of your local and international operations.

We embrace a side-by-side and end-to-end approach to working with clients. To safeguard our clients´ interests, we advise taking account of all tax and accounting aspects.

The team of ITL Tax Advisor will provide you with a complete, ad-hoc advisory on the Hungarian tax environment, and will promote the financial well-being of your company.

We provide corporate income tax advisory services in the following areas:

  • Tax planning and ongoing tax advisory
  • Applications for binding interpretations
  • Tax audits
  • Support with cross-border tax issues and transactions
  • Direct taxes (including corporate tax and withholding taxes)
  • Indirect taxes (such as VAT and excises)
  • Local taxes (preparing the tax returns and optimization of tax position)
  • Assistance with the tax authorities’ inquiries, and dispute resolution

To understand what good tax management means for your business, contact our knowledgeable team today.

Let our experts help you and together we will find the perfect solution that tackles the potential risks.

Our work is based on the principles of assessing the tax risk of the transactions you intend to carry out by verifying the information through careful analysis and by ensuring that all your tax obligations are fulfilled.

Risk is part of an entrepreneur’s life, but with the help of our experts, we will analyse together the most suitable solutions for your business.

Meet our Head of Division

Veronika Lázár

ITL Tax advisor Head of Department

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