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Labour contracts & collective dismissal in Hungary

Some of our clients have hundreds of employees and require legal assistance as an employer. The advice we provide concerns the drafting and supervision of employment contracts, individual or collective dismissals and representation in civil proceedings.

Thanks to our collaboration with ITL HR Solutions, our skills can cover all legal and other issues that may arise in the field of human resources.

Our firm has over two decades of experience in representing international disputes and lawsuits in the field of labor law. When we represent clients in an international forum, we make use of our knowledge of the language and, more importantly, our professional skills as lawyers. 

We are available to our customers, guaranteeing to represent them at any international 

forum with competence and professionalism.

In a legal dispute or to work abroad, it is very likely that you will need the translation of the documents necessary for the recruitment or settlement. If the translation of documents is necessary to work abroad, our firm has the skills needed to deal with it.

Our lawyers possess a sound knowledge of legal jargon in various languages, a necessary condition to orient themselves in the field of international labor law.

Among our most requested services, you can find: 

  • Preparation of standard or tailored-made labor contracts for defined or undefined term, along with the definition of labor duties and non-compete clauses
  • Management and bonus contracts
  • Mutual agreement on terminations: termination notice and negotiation of termination conditions
  • Legal employer representation during labour disputes in court 
  • Relationship between the parties
  • Labor permits for workers coming from outside the EU

Collective dismissal. We can also specifically provide services related to collective dismissal and all the related documentation. We can arrange group reduction, negotiate with employees and trade unions, announce it to the competent authorities

Any reduction in personnel must take human, personal and professional factors into consideration. When it comes to collective redundancies, thanks to ITL HR Solutions we also offer the opportunity to facilitate the process of future job landing for employees made redundant.

ITL HR Solutions professionals can intervene to choose this ethically sound path to support ex employees and salvage the brand image. 

If you are making the decision to implement a collective staff reduction in the company, you can rely on the cooperation between our legal team and our HR experts for Outplacement operations to better manage the relationship with employees.

Legal news for employers on COVID19 in Hungary

We believe in the importance of being up-to-date. For this reason, during this “state of emergency” caused by the Coronavirus, we have followed legal opinions on human resources, subsidies and opportunities for employers and made them, for example, available on in the Italian language. 

The pandemic brought some substantial changes in the field of law as well. It has become possible to sign and authenticate documents online without the physical presence of the parties. Plus, the visit to the notary public or the consul of the embassy may be avoided. 

As a result, signing has become faster and more flexible

If you are interested in reading our legal COVID-related publications in English drop us an email

Our team consists of 15 experienced professionals trained in a large number of Hungarian law areas (mainly business law) to offer you full legal assistance in Budapest.

We never try to avoid the most complicated cases, because exactly such challenges are the beauty of our profession. The foundation of our work is trust, which we have to gain day by day with an approach based on responsibility and professionalism.

Request a consultation with our lawyers to start building a long-term partnership based on trust.

Meet ITL Group’s partner!

Levente Lajos

Founding Partner at Lajos Law Firm

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