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Our vision is based on three values – Ethics, Sustainability, and Creativity – that form the basis of everything we do, and that’s why we aspire to spread them. 

In order to do so, we want to create a community of leaders to spur initiatives that make for a better society. As part of this community, together we can act as a catalyst to generate change and, as an intermediary step, to exert a positive impact upon the world

We believe that change is most likely to happen, when we are able to share ideas and we create the space for doing just that. Through our community, you will be able to meet entrepreneurs who share this vision. By joining it, you will be among leaders who want to join forces to work towards a better future.

In 2019, we handed out our first Atlas Award, which recognizes Hungary-based entrepreneurs, as part of a public awards ceremony at the Budapest Business Party, a yearly gathering of the business community.

As a medium, Atlas World is destined to grow and will be defined by the actions of its community.

Join the Atlas World community NOW to get started making a positive impact! 

“I am an Italian entrepreneur who has been living and working in Hungary for almost 30 years now.
I come from an Italian family with a long entrepreneurial tradition that goes back two centuries. This is where I learned that entrepreneurs have a moral obligation, both to predecessors and future generations,to build a better world.”

A. Farina

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