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Working at ITL group

At ITL Group, we are delighted to offer our multidisciplinary services to several international companies operating in Hungary. A dynamic company with an international mindset. 

This is the essence of ITL Group: Ethics, Dedication and Professionalism since 1995.

One of our latest recognitions was being ranked as the 10th largest accounting and payroll provider in Hungary by the Budapest Business Journal in 2020.

Since the very beginning, our dream of offering solutions to Clients has been accompanied by a long-term vision and an international mindset. Today, we offer opportunities for talented people to learn within a challenging environment, to take responsibility and to grow within our dynamic organisation.


Everything we create reflects our passion for enterprise and love for doing things right. We are firm believers in knowledge-sharing and community-building, as both of these activities have served as our main sources of inspiration in developing our story and making a positive impact on our society. (learn more about Our E.S.C. approach: Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity in Our Philosophy)


  • A challenging environment generated by the nature of the company as one-stop shop with 9 business divisions and a strong multitask client management 
  • A creative environment thanks to several corporate projects and multiple marketing activities
  • Lean-driven processes for a smooth management of the company 

Supported by a multicultural collaborative team: a dynamic company with an international mindset!

Irene Pepe

Pepe Irene (Communications and Marketing Manager)

“I like working here because proactivity, commitment and creativity are rewarded. The variety of my work (Internal Corporate Communications, Journalism, Social Media, Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy) and the freedom it gives me allows me to manage very different activities in an efficient and flexible way, for which I am very grateful. Thanks to Alessandro and Luigino, ITL Marketing has always developed innovative projects that create value.”


Bernadett Török (Junior Accountant)

“I like working at ITL Group because here I can work in a real, beautiful office environment, but also from home, and they provide everything to make it happen. In addition, the kindness and support of my colleagues is second to none. If you have any concerns about your work, please let me know! Here you’ll find open doors, we’ll find a solution for everything! At ITL Group, everyone’s work is important, and in return, we reward you. You can build your long-term plans on a solid foundation by working with us. What’s more, you can have opportunities for learning and development, it’s up to you!”


Norbert Zentai (HR Manager)

“I remember I’d only been working at ITL Group for a few weeks when I suddenly realised I felt like I’d been here for a year. It wasn’t just because of the many and exciting tasks, but because I was very quickly taken in by the community and I quickly got to like my colleagues and felt at home. Since then, many new colleagues report similar feelings after a few weeks. It’s nice that when I talk to candidates, I can honestly tell them that we have a good team, we look after our colleagues’ workload and support their development. I’m proud that this kind of people-oriented approach is part of our everyday life.”

Adrienn Klaáb (Account Manager)

“I like working at ITL Group because I am constantly learning, with a variety of tasks and the opportunity for professional development. I like the fact that I can work as part of a team, and I like the preparation and cooperation of my colleagues. The atmosphere in the office is good, everyone is open and helpful, but the company also offers the possibility to work from home, so there is a good work-life balance.”

Strupka Renata

Renáta Strupka (HR Generalist)

“I like working at ITL Group because it’s a dynamic, innovative and supportive company. The tasks are diverse and inspiring, allowing me to continuously develop and learn. The company offers flexible work options, which greatly supports work-life balance and productivity. Additionally, the workplace atmosphere is highly supportive, emphasizing collaboration and idea-sharing, making me feel truly involved in the company’s successes. Overall, I feel that I am in the right environment to unfold my skills and contribute to the company’s achievements.”

Jobs at ITL Group

We are looking for new colleagues to the ITL Group Kft for the following positions:

Jobs from ITL HR Solutions

We are looking for new colleagues for our Partners/Clients in case of the following positions:

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