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Content creation and editing

MULTI-SKILLED TEAM. Since the creation of ITL Marketing in 2003, we have produced many different types of content, for a variety of industries in Hungary.
Thanks to the many years of proven experience in this realm, our consultants have amassed immense know-how in SEO copywriting, academic and even creative copywriting.

As marketers, our content creation approach is based on emotions and persuasive writing.

As social media experts, we know how to adapt content to each channel both from a text and visual point of view. Social media analytics help us to monitor the results and gain insightful data for optimizing the content for establishing the best possible relationship with your audience.

As graphic designers, we have the skills to design virtually any content in accordance with the visual identity of your business.

As professionals fond of lifelong learning, we are always active in our pursuit to embrace new skills and styles for designing the latest and greatest content.
We perform such amazing feats relying upon an international team of external highly-skilled experts, including a 3D motion graphic designer video editor.

When a company decides to invest in Hungary it must reshape its thinking, language, and communication flow, and each message must be fine-tuned and made specific for the goals of the business.

Vision, planning, development and monitoring are the key steps to achieve business objectives and optimize time and resources.

You can trust the ITL Marketing team to build the best communication strategy which encompasses your investments and projects in Hungary.

Meet our Head of Division

Luigino Bottega

ITL Marketing Division Head of Department

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