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As the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal said,  Our nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.*  Holding that to be true, our projects are the result of our dynamic approach, a love of life and passion for enterprise

It’s in ITL Group’s DNA, both to adapt to the fast-changing environment and to serve the community. This is why for nearly three decades we have created a spark and put in the hard work to generate and realize many of our favorite ideas, a track record of success that fuels our passion for fearlessly taking on new projects without borders.

our Projects Without borders


We have come to understand that to provide better service to our Clients we also need to address the know-how of their employees and managers. We decided therefore to create an academy for helping to enhance their personal skills and professional knowledge development, the ​oxygen and life of your organization.

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ITL Study Center is committed to providing detailed macro-economic data on the Hungarian society to interested business communities. 

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Hungarian economics in Italian language is your daily online Italian-language news site dedicated to Hungarian economics and bilateral relations between Italy and Hungary and created with the aim of informing Italian entrepreneurs about Hungary as an investment destination.

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A database which encompasses all active Italian companies in Hungary and that can help expand our readers’ knowledge of the investment climate in the country.
Since its birth in 2010, we have continued updating it every month.

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Our experience has shown how difficult it is to identify a reliable consultant in a foreign country, where you don’t have established contacts. In the spirit of helping out, we have created the Tax and Legal Explorer, one of the largest databases of qualified tax and legal experts, members of the TOP 50 global networks. We call this “The Golden Selection”!



We believe that change happens, especially when we are able to share ideas and we create the capacity for it. ​ In order to do so, we set out to create a community of leaders to develop initiatives that strive for a better society. By joining this community, you can act as a catalyst to ​generate change​ and, as an intermediate step, leave an​ inspirational footprint behind for the world. Join our community now to make a positive impact!​

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“Budapest Business Party” is our yearly networking event targeting the international business scene in Budapest. Its resounding success makes it a go-to event in the following years, with attendance constantly skyrocketing!


Atlas Award Shaping a better world

The Atlas Award is intended to recognize publicly Hungary-based entrepreneurs who exhibit outstanding moral values.
We believe that leaders with an E.S.C. approach, driven by ethical, sustainable and creative behaviours, will shape a better world!

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Today more than ever, our worst enemy is fear. A fear generated by the unknown. Fear kills the mind and freezes our actions. Our task, we feel, is to influence people to reposition their focus away from fear and train it upon a more positive emotion. In that spirit, this website is an invitation to entrepreneurs and managers who have been facing the current economic crisis caused by Covid-19 to share their uplifting experiences. Because we believe stories are powerful!


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