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Due Diligence Due Diligence

Accounting and tax Due Diligence : A zero-risk approach

Since 2012, ITL Audit professionals have taken part in various corporate acquisition operations where carrying out in-depth legal, tax, and accounting due diligence was necessary.

The due diligence process is coordinated with the other divisions of the group and frequently occurs through access to a data room organized by the vendor’s professionals.

The data collected from the analysis is used to identify the areas of risk and opportunity for the successful completion of the operation.

We are also used to carrying out brief due diligence when we take charge of a new client in order to verify the work performed by previous professionals to identify any areas that might need improvement.

In addition to Accounting and Tax Due Diligence, here are all of the other services that our ITL Audit team cover:

  • Creation of case studies and simulations to support the decision-making process before a business transformation, with particular attention to changes in the ownership structure, as well as the tax and accounting consequences
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Design, implementation, and due diligence, as well as consultancy on internal control systems and management information systems
  • Transfer pricing

Our goal is to support our customers according to their needs and equip them with all the information that facilitates their safe and sustainable administration processes.

Your needs are what drives our work. Request an appointment with our team of professionals and discover the opportunities for your business in Hungary.

The basis of effective collaboration is most certainly communication, and that’s why our professionals are always at your disposal.

Each issue has its own value, history and source. The task of a good auditor is to extrapolate all of the useful information from the numbers in order to prevent problems and discover new opportunities

Entrepreneurs can sleep sweet dreams thanks to ITL Audit: their companies are in good hands. A financial report can only be truly verified when a thorough audit is carried out in line with international standards.

A successful and transparent audit also represents a guarantee for suppliers and clients. The rules are the same in Europe. Don’t underestimate a problem until it’s too late! Moreover, transfer pricing laws are extremely severe. We’ll carefully draft your documentation and prepare your internal regulation.

Meet our Head of Division

Dóra Szeles

ITL Audit Founding Partner

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