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Real estate investment in the U.S. Real estate investment in the U.S.

Real estate investment in the U.S.

Opisas is an international group specializing in real estate services in the United States with a track history since 2008.

SEARCH, MANAGEMENT and SALE of Investment, residential or lifestyle properties in some of the most prestigious areas of the United States.

MANAGEMENT – Do you have real estate in the U.S. and are looking to solve property management problems?

INVEST – Are you looking for an Investment property with net returns of up to 11%?
VACATION – Would you like a vacation home for you and your family that gives possibility of an income during the period of non-use?

Through our partner OPISAS, we open the door to the U.S. real estate market that represents a significant financial opportunity.

ITL Real Estate, together with OPISAS offers a selection of some of the best investment and residential opportunities in the United States viewable at this link.

Single point of contact and property management

With procedures that have been extensively tested since 2008, our partner OPISAS offers investors the opportunity to finalize their investment using a single point of contact.

Properties to be offered in the United States are entrusted to a property management company, which not only searches for and selects tenants but also oversees every aspect, from administration to maintenance. It is this partner-whose costs are included in the calculation of your net return-who will take care of everything, relieving the owner of any operational tasks until desired.

Opisas also has offices and staff that can assist you in finding and selecting residential and vacation properties in the most attractive areas of Florida such as Miami, Tampa, Sarasota…..

Why to invest in the United States

The U.S. real estate sector is particularly attractive to investors who want to protect their assets. This is possible because of the decrease in real estate purchases (-30% in one year), largely due to first-home mortgages, which have reached unprecedented rates, stabilizing purchase prices and investment in dollars, a currency with which the world’s major assets are listed.

Second, the structure of the U.S. housing market (most citizens, especially those of working age, do not own the home in which they live) makes rental income very advantageous for property owners.

Currently, income property values range from 5 percent to 10 percent, offering significant or complete protection from expected inflation through 2023.

Finally, from a medium- to long-term perspective, this is a high-yield investment that can outperform inflation. In the case predicted by central banks, in which inflation will decline and return under control in the coming years, the recently observed returns will amply reward the investor year after year. In the less likely scenario in which inflation continues to rise, property values will continue to rise accordingly, compensating the investor at the time of sale.

Thanks to the experience of our lawyers and tax advisors, we can guide you through a smooth deal process, by evaluating the real yield on an anticipated investment.

As consultants, it’s in our best interest to provide you with the latest real estate information and to traverse a path of value over time with you.

We possess a deep, diverse knowledge of the market for residential and commercial services to guide you within the Hungarian real estate landscape. 

Meet our Head of Division

Szilvia Schenk

ITL Real Estate Head of Department

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