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Accounting assistance in Hungary: 25 years of passion at your service

Comprehensive accounting services

Tailored to your accounting needs

Over 25 years of experience

Our strength comes from our deep experience in accounting and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).  We know how can be stressful for an international investor to operate in a new market, where accounting rules and fiscal obligations are in Hungarian.

In our offices you will find multilingual accounting and fiscal experts with almost 3 decades of experience in managing companies’ accounting from all sort of sectors. 

For us providing assistance in accounting means to have a 360° view, supporting the company from the chart of accounts set-up, to the optimization of the Financial Statement and the taxes. 

We are at your disposal to find with our fiscal, financial, and legal experts, the solution at any kind of problem you can encounter during the daily management of your company. 

Here the advantages that ITL ACCOUNTING offers:

  1. Insource and outsource accounting
  2. Cost accounting
  3. Personnel always updated with the latest accounting and fiscal news and a periodical newsletter to better follow up the changes

Hungarian fiscal representative within the network Tax Representative Alliance

The Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) is an association of VAT specialists from several countries: accountants, lawyers and tax advisors who can handle the VAT affairs of foreign groups and businesses as tax representatives in their states. As the Hungarian representative for TRA since 2017, ITL Group is proud to offer support on all VAT matters (from registration to returns, payments and more) in one or more European countries.

We provide cross-border VAT representation and VAT advisory services. In particular, we can coordinate the VAT registration of a company in several European countries and, subsequently, monthly or quarterly compliance. For the client, it’s advantageous that they can have only one point of contact with us if preferred, and then we handle their VAT affairs in other European countries with our Tax Representative Alliance (“TRA”) network colleagues.

From 2021 we are even more international. Duna Expert, the company specialized in accounting and payroll for French-speaking investors, joined the ITL Group.

Duna Expert is guided by Xavier Defaÿsse, a French citizen in Hungary since 1993 who, with his 30 years’ experience in auditing and payroll, leads a dedicated and professional team.


Since 1995 we have been providing advice on insource- and outsourcing accounting to clients in Hungary with a great sense of professionalism and dedication.

Why choose ITL Accounting? With our team of professionals and experts we will support you to aim a 360​​° accounting assistance.  Accounting for a start-up as well as for a consolidated company, from the constitution to the liquidation, from the chart of accounts to the Financial statement and taxes optimization. 

With our international experience and competence we can help to draw a personalized roadmap to guide you through the Hungarian system.

Meet our Head of Division

Anikó Molnár

ITL Accounting Division Head of Department

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