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Tax dispute

As complexity increases, tax risks and tax authorities’ claims significantly impact business operations. Entities are experiencing increasingly complex regulations, heavy penalties, transparency and disclosure issues.
At the same time, governments worldwide are cooperating as never before to share taxpayer and industry information, assist other countries with document and information requests, and participate in separate, multi-country audits (including “simultaneous” examinations and “joint audits”).
These global forces have created an unprecedented surge in audits and disputes.
Our tax advisors support the taxpayer in various areas of tax enforcement and disputes.
ITL Tax Advisor also consists of highly-qualified lawyers specializing in tax law and the settlement of tax disputes.
Our team can work with you to prevent, efficiently manage, and favorably resolve your company tax audits and disputes.

Our tax advisors prevent disputes and resolve challenges, offering:

  • Tax advice in complex legal situations by providing specific answers to all the questions raised before or during a tax audit
  • Pre-court settlement of tax disputes with personal involvement in on-site audits and consultations
  • Representation in tax disputes in all types of proceedings, managing communication with the tax authority
  • Due diligence prior to a tax audit

When working with us, you’ll come to realize what sets us apart. Contact ITL Tax Advisor now!

Let our experts help you and together we will find the perfect solution that tackles the potential risks.

Our work is based on the principles of assessing the tax risk of the transactions you intend to carry out by verifying the information through careful analysis and by ensuring that all your tax obligations are fulfilled.

Risk is part of an entrepreneur’s life, but with the help of our experts, we will analyse together the most suitable solutions for your business.

Meet our Head of Division

Veronika Lázár

ITL Tax advisor Head of Department

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