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Translation and Interpretation in Hungary Translation and Interpretation in Hungary

Translation and interpretation in Hungary: Your business success hinges on accurate and effective communication


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Culture gap bridge


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Hungarian is classified as the 3rd most difficult language in the world. You can decide to learn it or to rely on ITL Consulting’s translation and interpretation service to get the answers to all your questions.

For legal translations or bilingual contracts, we team up with our partner Lajos Law Firm.

BRIDGING THE CULTURAL GAP. Our professionals offer assistance to translate Hungarian into English and vice versa as well as into other main international languages, such as Italian. Our translators and interpreters have backgrounds in business and therefore have a specific and well-developed knowledge of numerous areas of business, meaning they know what they’re talking about.

Find out more:

  1. When to rely on a translation and interpretation service in Hungary
  2. Why choose our translation and interpretation service in Hungary

1. When to rely on a translation and interpretation service in Hungary

Whether you are a private individual or a company, you will need support in managing the documentation necessary to live or do business in Hungary and a good interpreter can help you in communicating effectively and avoiding misunderstandings.

Our team of experts can assist you with the following:

  • Translation of legal and commercial documents
  • Entering into a commercial contract to close a deal
  • Searching for a Hungarian business partner or client but you have difficulties in  communicating 
  • Selling your products in Hungary and needing assistance with documentation

2. Why choose our translation and interpretation service in Hungary?

Based upon establishing a trusted relationship with you, our multilingual professionals will thoroughly execute your requests.

Our consultants are excellent, not only in translating words/languages but also in bridging your understanding with that of the local culture.

The other main advantages of our translation and interpretation service in Hungary are:

  • Confidentiality of business relationship management
  • Reliability and transparency of translated documents
  • Relationship of trust with your consultant

The ITL Consulting team will help you in managing any type of situation, both in terms of translations, or if you are in search of an interpreter to help you in understanding the Hungarian language.

Whatever your needs, ITL HR Solutions can provide you with temporary or long-term bilingual employees.

We, at ITL Group, believe that our job is providing you with valuable information, tools and training, whilst building a relationship of trust is the first step to reach your success.

We provide you with all the expertise you need to develop your ideas and turn them into concrete businesses through our tailor-made services, consultancy, and projects.

With experience and professionalism, we provide you with a plane ready for take-off. It is up to you to choose a good pilot and crew to accompany you step by step into this adventure.

Our journey starts from the decision-maker, who is at the center of everything. That’s why we also offer you all the services you need to make your stay in Hungary safer and stress-free.

Meet our Head of Division

Alessandro Farina

ITL Consulting Head of Department

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