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Life Coaching in Hungary: For individuals and companies

One of the methods we often use to support our customers towards an improvement in their quality of life is life coaching. Coaching is a tool that allows for a strengthening and development of one’s skills, an activation of resources blocked by traits of personality or experiences. When the block originates in one’s private life, a life-coaching path can lead one to unlocking what may seem a mystery, opening them up to success.

“There is no man who is unable to do more than he thinks” – Henry Ford

Boundaries only exist in our minds. Coaching is an extremely effective tool for personal development: it opens up the world, broadens the vision; it allows you to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Instead of a problem to be solved, it focuses on solutions. Develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Exercise your mind to another “modality”, which becomes a model to apply in life and at work every day.

What are the results of life-coaching?

Life-coaching that’s functioning on several levels (environmental, behavioral, cognitive and values) leads to the achievement of various objectives:

  • Develop intrinsic and extrinsic personal potential
  • Analysis capabilities
  • Ability to fulfill oneself.
  • Identify obstacles and develop strategies for overcoming them more quickly and efficiently
  • Recognize and modify mental patterns to be abandoned
  • Improve the balance between work and private life
  • Eliminate long-standing fears and anxieties to improve mental health and overall quality of life
  • Develop creativity
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Strengthen professional relationships, as well as those in our private lives
  • Create new strategies for decision-making

To all of those benefits, we naturally add the results and the achievement of the set objectives, which comprise the greatest satisfaction of our work.

An example of blocking could be the discomfort in public speaking, something which may be caused by internal or external reasons (e.g. fear of the stage or not knowing how to prepare an excellent presentation). If there is a block, a training course is not necessarily enough to overcome it.

Depending on the reason for the block, the coach identifies strategies to overcome it and, together with the individual, establishes a path to eliminate internal obstacles, one-to-one or in a group.

When the going gets tough, the coaches start training! Schedule an appointment with our coaches to start improving your business performance ASAP!


How to know if your team needs team coaching?

When people in the team have great skills but the objectives are not achieved, we take care of enhancing communication and collaboration through team coaching.

What distinguishes coaching from mentoring?

In short, the difference is that while the mentor follows you step-by-step, offering direct advice on certain activities, A coach does not dictate the solution, but guides the individual towards the solution and asks questions that lead to overcoming their blocks. The coach can assign specific tasks, or suggest study materials or various types of exercises.

Why coaching with ITL HR Solutions?

Coaching services provide professionals with the support they need to further improve their performance.

For 25 years we have been helping companies to grow through a 360° coaching service in Hungary: life-coaching, business coaching (for teams and executives), integrating them, where necessary, with training services with ITL H2 PRO, and upskilling through games, like Accelium.

Our primary objective is to help our Clients to minimize the risks arising in connection with
employment and organizational developments, and help them reduce the costs and required
time interval.

We focus on delivering high-end HR services and superior solutions to our Clients’ Human Resources needs. Our approach is result-driven and highly adaptable ensuring that our Clients receive creative, efficient and timely services.

ITL HR Solutions, with its custom made solutions, increases organizational efficiency and keeps the cost of Human Resources at an optimal level.

Meet our Head of Division

Judit Gráczer

ITL HR Solutions Head of Department

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