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Property valuation: Why request an analysis of a property?

Are you sure you are paying the right price? Thanks to our nearly 3 decades of experience in the Hungarian real estate market, we can help you answer this question.

Knowing the market value of a property is essential information to buy, sell or rent operations, especially in Hungary, where the real estate market has seen considerable appreciation in recent years.

When it comes to real estate asset appraisals in Budapest, there are those who simply make an estimate on a property starting from its basic characteristics – but to find out if the game really is worth playing, involving someone who’s also an expert in the tax and legal aspects of the operation is crucial.

Thanks to their knowledge of Hungarian taxation, our consultants rely upon their professionalism and transparency to provide you with a 360° overview to get a true picture of your investment in terms of numbers and yield.

If you want to know how real estate appraisals work in Hungary, at ITL Real Estate we can provide you with a wide range of information that will prove useful for your investment.

Our goal is in fact for our clients to understand and evaluate the pros and cons before making – or not making – the deal.

Real estate valuation: Hear about how it works

Doing a real estate appraisal is a bit like doing an X-ray exam where you can evaluate and see everything in detail. Through a detailed analysis of the property, ITL Real Estate is able to provide you with the know-how and information necessary to make an informed and, above all, fruitful choice.

We take care of your real estate investment step by step by calling on our over 25 years of experience and passion in the trade.

Our real estate appraisal service in Budapest consists of four basic phases:

  • Analysis of the property (external and internal characteristics)
  • Physical inspection
  • Assessment of the state of maintenance and conservation of the property
  • Check of building and cadastral regularity

Acquiring all this information will be like having an all-access pass to an investment that is transparent and in line with market trends.

Thanks to the experience of our lawyers and tax advisors, we can guide you through a smooth deal process, by evaluating the real yield on an anticipated investment.

As consultants, it’s in our best interest to provide you with the latest real estate information and to traverse a path of value over time with you.

We possess a deep, diverse knowledge of the market for residential and commercial services to guide you within the Hungarian real estate landscape. 

Meet our Head of Division

Szilvia Schenk

ITL Real Estate Head of Department

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