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Financial reporting and analysis Financial reporting and analysis

Financial reporting and analysis

Your trusted accountant in Hungary: Trust ITL Accounting

The first questions that come to mind when it comes to managing accounting are “Who do I turn to?” and “Who can I trust?”

The answer lies in finding someone who, capitalizing upon their professionalism and experience, knows how to evaluate every single piece of data to foresee possible opportunities or to avoid pitfalls.

For nearly three decades, we have been managing the accounting of companies in Hungary on a daily basis, helping them in drafting and analyzing their financial statements.

Relying on the ITL Accounting means having a trusted accountant in Hungary. Our work is based, in fact, on offering companies the right information and solutions to effectively manage situations in relation to corporate accounting.

For many years we have seen how the economic situation in Hungary has been changing and, with it, companies’ investments as well as related accounting controls, making it crucial to manage company accounting effectively.

Find out how our drafting service (Anchor inside the section of the page) and financial statement analysis work (Anchor inside the section of the page).

Preparation of financial reports in Budapest

Comprised of specialists, the ITL Accounting team is responsible for verifying the integrity and accuracy of the data entered into the financial statements or consolidated financial statements, to allow you to better manage your company’s accounting.

The financial statement drafting service is based on the principles of truthfulness, clarity, and correctness of the data, in order to receive an optimal assessment of the company situation.

Here are the two main advantages of the ITL Accounting Financial Reporting service:

  • Constant communication with the ITL Accounting team
  • A team made up of Hungarian, English, and Italian native speakers

Getting to know our consultants can be a real opportunity for you and us to better manage the accounting of your company. Request a consultation with your trusted accountant in Hungary.

Together with the ITL Accounting team, we provide accounting assistance to companies in Hungary, putting all our experience and professionalism into play in order to achieve the best business results.

For us, accounting assistance means managing the company accounts from a 360° perspective, as well as supporting entrepreneurs in the processing of annual tax returns and for any other requirements related to carrying out the necessities of a business.

We’ll draft a safe and transparent company roadmap based on your needs. International excellency represented by ITL Accounting meets outstanding Hungarian numeracy skills and professional expertise.

Meet our Head of Division

Anikó Molnár

ITL Accounting Division Head of Department

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