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ITL Payroll services ITL Payroll services

ITL Payroll


Multidisciplinary approach


 High level of confidentiality and GDPR mastery


Reliable & trustworthy experts


International and national expertise


ActivPayroll’s representative

The continuously changing business environment is reflected in increasing employment dynamics and therefore leads to a constant need to rely on a team of professionals, available online and able to face challenges with a problem-solving and multidisciplinary approach. 

Therefore, we use a holistic approach to payroll, working closely with our fiscal, accounting and HR experts, in order to provide our clients with end-to-end payroll services, reporting and consultancy regardless of the area of the company’s activities or the number of employees.

Our consultants have multidisciplinary competencies and skills and high-level knowledge of the necessary legal and professional background. 

Thanks to our long experience in the field, we have the ability to cooperate frequently with the Hungarian authorities, which adds a significant level of continuity to our work, and we pride ourselves in always monitoring any change in legislation. Due to our high level of confidentiality and GDPR mastery, we ensure precise and on-time payroll processing, payroll and HR compliance with employment and labour law requirements

In addition, we are able to rely upon and fully cooperate with other professionals within the ITL Group, such as our partners in ITL HR Solutions, ITL Accounting and Lajos Law Firm. 

Our services encompass:

  • Payroll processes, in-country and international 
  • Social security administration
  • Salary-related taxes consultancy 
  • Labour law and employment-related legislation support
  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Expat-related payroll services
  • Employee helpline
  • Payroll and HR compliance 

We are proud to have started our collaboration with the award-winning global payroll network, ActivPayroll in 2017. 

When we first established our partnership, we realized immediately that we shared the same passion: to help global businesses flourish, which as they say, “is part of our DNA”.

Together, we provide services tailored to the unique needs of a wide variety of businesses, starting with one of the biggest multinational companies we work for here in Hungary.

In 2021 ITL Group acquired the controlling interest of Duna Expert, the leading accounting firm specialized in French-speaking investors operating in Hungary.

The strength of Duna Expert is a dynamic and dedicated team of ten professionals, lead by Xavier Defaÿsse, a French citizen in Hungary since 1993 with more than 25 years of experience in the audit and accounting profession. An accounting firm dedicated to your requirements.


Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we have regular contacts with local authorities, which contributes to significant stability in our work, and we pride ourselves on always monitoring any changes in legislation.

At ITL Payroll, we are striving to provide services for a better workforce administration, effective payroll processing and continuous research for solutions to control payroll costs.

Moreover, we can always count on close cooperation with the ITL Group’s fellow professionals such as our partners in ITL HR Solution, ITL Tax Advisor, ITL Accounting and Lajos Law Firm.

Meet our Head of Division

Szandra Bartók

ITL Payroll Head of Department

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