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All our legal services

Lajos Law Firm is a boutique law firm based in Budapest that has been supporting and representing foreign investors in Hungary since 1997 and has been offering legal assistance in Hungary for over 20 years

Lajos Law Firm has been in close collaboration with ITL Group for decades. 

Our aim is to provide full scale services in a changing world. ITL Group offers support in fields such as bookkeeping, audit, tax consulting, head hunting, lease of workforce, legal seat and real estate brokerage. Since they share the same offices and ITL is specialized in foreign clients as well, investors who are willing to fund a company or open an office in Hungary may find a large scale of consultancy needed in a one-stop-shop (bearing in mind that Hungarian law firms are active in services usually carried out by notaries in other countries).

Our professional services are based on trust, a deep knowledge of the laws, a fast, effective analysis and an immediate response. Our main working languages are Hungarian, English and Italian.

Professional secrets remain within the walls of our office. Confidentiality is a fundamental building stone of our firm.

Our colleagues speak several languages ​​fluently. Many of them have worked or have completed periods of study abroad. These experiences have allowed them to acquire the legal terminology of the given language.

We possess extensive experience in civil litigation procedures, mergers and acquisitions, tax, labor, real estate, national and cross-border bankruptcy law, agricultural, criminal and administrative law, European/Community and international trade law, international family law. We have been applying the ISO 9001 quality standard since 2010.


Thanks to our over 20 years of experience in various aspects of Hungarian law, several fundamental reforms of the Hungarian legal system, economic crisis and booms, we have learnt to be flexible and to adapt to the needs of our clients. For this reason, we have also developed language skills, translation services and the ability to collaborate and sign documents remotely.


Over the years we have always considered the continuous training of our colleagues to be fundamental. Our lawyers have obtained postgraduate degrees in various fields of law (LL.M.) at prestigious universities such as King’s College in London and ELTE and the owner of the firm is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley.


Client satisfaction is the most important for us. We believe in constant and clear communication. We try to provide prompt answers. We always work with an eye for the client’s interest to consider which is the best professional solution.


We inform our customers that the Hungarian courts often require the Hungarian translation of corporate documents (e.g. the updated visa of the parent company registered abroad). Our firm also offers certified translation services, saving customers the time to consult a translator.


Our firm is pleased to be available for the cd. remote identification and subscription process. This process makes it possible to sign and countersign documents through IT applications. It is fast, flexible and less expensive than notary services.

INTERNATIONAL LAW. We often refer to the prevailing Union law in civil, tax, penal or  administrative procedures when there is a conflict with the domestic regulations. One of our colleagues gained his LLM degree with a European law specialization at the University of London.

CRIMINAL LAW. As part of our job as business lawyers we must be familiar with criminal law related to the economy.The business manager might need such advice in certain sensitive cases.

Defense in white collar crimes: We defend clients in criminal procedures concerning fraud, tax evasion, blackmail, embezzlement, fraudulent bankruptcy or other not aggressive crimes.

Victim representation: In case our clients become crime victims we prepare the complaint and we represent them during the criminal procedure including the collection of the damages as well. 

Furthermore, Lajos Law Firm is constantly working with the ITL Group departments to create a set of combinations that goes beyond the legal, so as to be able to count on professionals with knowledge and skills from different fields.

Lajos Law Firm also generated numerous opinions on various subjects that may be of interest to its clients and that are published on the ITL Group blog (, on the online Italian newspaper and on the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Hungary (

Lajos Law Firm is a proud and active member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (CCIU), the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AMCHAM), the Association of Italian Speaking Lawyers (AIGLI), the Union des Avocats Européens (UAE) and the Berkeley Global Society – Organisation of UC Berkeley LLM alumni. 

In particular, Lajos Law Firm can provide legal assistance in the following areas:

  1. Company law: foundation, transformation, modification, capital increase, capital decrease,  winding up, company law litigation
  2. Civil law: dispute resolution, litigation before ordinary court and arbitration, debt collection, contracts
  3. M&A transactions: legal due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, 
  4. Agricultural law: purchase of land, land lease, agricultural subsidies 
  5. Bankruptcy law: representation in liquidation proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, company reorganisation, representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings, preparation for liquidations, representations of owners of bankrupt companies, 
  6. Labor law: labor contracts, termination notices, reduction of personnel in groups, labor law litigation
  7. Real estate law: purchases, condominiums, lease agreements
  8. Construction law: contracts and litigation related to constructions
  9. Tax law: tax planning of transactions, representation before the tax authority, tax law litigation
  10. Family law: divorce, division of matrimonial funds, placement of children 
  11. Criminal law: defense in white collar crimes, victim representation
  12. Union law: expert opinions
  13. Legal translations

In particular, Lajos Law Firm can provide legal assistance in the following areas:

Our team consists of 15 experienced professionals trained in a large number of Hungarian law areas (mainly business law) to offer you full legal assistance in Budapest.

We never try to avoid the most complicated cases, because exactly such challenges are the beauty of our profession. The foundation of our work is trust, which we have to gain day by day with an approach based on responsibility and professionalism.

Request a consultation with our lawyers to start building a long-term partnership based on trust.

Meet ITL Group’s partner!

Levente Lajos

Founding Partner at Lajos Law Firm

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