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Temporary staffing Temporary staffing

Work opportunities in Hungary

When recruiting staff, temporary staffing, also known as “employee leasing,” is one of the ways to hire staff in Hungary that gives the company greater flexibility and helps avoid a high number of direct hires by “renting ours”.

In fact, more and more often we talk about the many job opportunities in Hungary, but this, in addition to bringing an advantage to individuals who decide to move to Hungary, brings out new hiring methods that can represent opportunities for companies – and temporary work is certainly one of these.

It is a way of employing labor in the medium- and long term, for a maximum of 5 years.

Temporary work is well regulated by the Hungarian Labor Code.

All administrative obligations are the responsibility of ITL HR Solutions as well as payroll calculation, taxes, contributions, reimbursement of expenses and social security allowances.

The management of the employee, on the other hand, remains the responsibility of the customer.

How to hire staff in Hungary: The advantages of temporary staffing

ITL HR Solutions’ job is to provide the best solutions for companies, without losing sight of the quality of staff and our clients’ business objectives.

The key points of temporary staffing:

  • Clearly regulated by the Hungarian Labor Code
  • All administrative obligations are the responsibility of ITL HR Solutions
  • Management of administrative costs by ITL HR Solutions which issues an invoice for the service rendered and which is accounted for among the costs of the services

In addition, our ITL HR Solutions team also offers support in the search, selection and hiring phases of candidates to be employed with an employment contract offered by client.

So why choose to hire staff through employee leasing?

  • Opportunity to use highly qualified personnel, with specific skills to develop certain projects or activities, for specific periods.
  • Flexibility in the working relationship with employees.
  • It allows you as lessee to have more flexibility to make decisions about employment related issues without obligations existing about the workforce hired directly with job contract.

Our primary objective is to help our Clients to minimize the risks arising in connection with
employment and organizational developments, and help them reducing the costs and required
time interval.

We focus on delivering high-end HR services and superior solutions to our Clients’ Human Resources needs. Our approach is result-driven and highly adaptable ensuringt that our Clients receive creative, efficient and timely services

ITL HR Solutions, with its custom made solutions, increases organizational efficiency and keeps the cost of Human Resources at an optimal level.

Meet our Head of Division

Judit Gráczer

ITL HR Solutions Head of Department

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