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Direct and indirect tax return Direct and indirect tax return

Direct and indirect tax return

If you have any direct income in Hungary, you have to pay personal income tax on your revenues and fill in tax return forms. ITL Accounting helped many companies and people declare their taxes in Hungary.

How to declare taxes in Hungary: We guide you step by step


How to declare taxes in Hungary

Where to declare taxes in Hungary

All news about taxes in Hungary for 2021 

If you want to know how to declare taxes in Hungary and stay updated on changes related to the tax system, here is what you need to know.

If you are a natural person residing in Hungary, you must file your tax return by the 20th May, while if you are a freelancer, the deadline is February 25th of the following year.

Specifically, you must file taxes in Hungary if you have:

  • Real estate income
  • Dividend income
  • Financial income
  • Employee income

What does this entail?

In a nutshell, you have to send your data and check that the draft produced by NAV is correct and complete. The final balance will be indicated in the draft after calculation of taxes has been paid and the benefits received. The result may show a zero amount, taxes still to be paid or an adjustment to be received by the authority.

Where should taxes be declared in Hungary?

To make declarations of income in Hungary you can directly go to any municipality in Hungary, called “Kormányablak” in Hungarian (Ugyfelkapu). Each district has its own. Taxpayers must present identification documents after which they are issued a log-in and password to access the online platform.

For more information or if you need help in this sea of ​​tax regulations, you can rely on our Tax Return service in Hungary.

All the news about taxes in Hungary for 2021 

It is important to grasp that the tax advantages in Hungary are increasing, something mainly demonstrated by the reduction of VAT on Internet and restaurant services, as well as the tax cut for small businesses.

Then followed a reduction of the tax on banks and the extension of subsidized VAT to 5% on the sale of newly-built residential properties.

Read above (internal link at the top of the page) to get a notion of all of the tax changes introduced since then.

One thing is certain for this year and the years that follow: the Government will continue to focus on economic development, business development, innovation, adaptation to technological innovations, research and development and investing in important resources to support businesses, as stated by prime minister Viktor Orbán.

Now that you have a complete overview of the Hungarian tax system, you only need to request your free appointment with our consultants to make sure you thoroughly and precisely complete the tax return procedure in Hungary.

Together with the ITL Accounting team, we provide accounting assistance to companies in Hungary, putting all our experience and professionalism into play in order to achieve the best business results.

For us, accounting assistance means managing the company accounts from a 360° perspective, as well as supporting entrepreneurs in the processing of annual tax returns and for any other requirements related to carrying out the necessities of a business.

We’ll draft a safe and transparent company roadmap based on your needs. International excellency represented by ITL Accounting meets outstanding Hungarian numeracy skills and professional expertise.

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