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Tax Declarations in Hungary Tax Declarations in Hungary


Thanks to the low taxation, qualified personnel and a lean bureaucracy, Hungary has become one of the most attractive European countries to invest in. 

To make an example, it is possible to obtain VAT reimbursement in just 75 days from the request. 

Despite all this advantages it is fundamental to have a fiscal expert by your side, to assist you during the fiscal controls. We will help you to pay the correct taxes within the times prescribed by law and to avoid paying fines. 

Furthermore, with our international experience and our global company’s vision we will plan and optimize your fiscal system, keeping into account the international treaty on avoidance of double taxation

Corporate taxes

Our accountant experts will indicate all the taxes relevant for your company, providing deadlines and specific terms.

The corporate tax is one of the lowest in Europe but despite this, in the last few years, the taxation system has become more and more complex. That’s why it is fundamental to have an expert on your side.

For example, do you know that mobile telephones and restaurant expenses are subject to taxation in Hungary?  

Do you know that exists a packaging tax connected with the type of materials and its environmental sustainability?

Do you have any doubt about the triangulation VAT? 

Our fiscal expert will reply to all your questions. They will advise about taxes on dividends, or about real estate taxation. They can assist you in case of merging and buy-outs operations and even more complex taxes situations

If you are part of a corporate group, it may be necessary to explore the Transfer Price regulation and prepare the relevant documentation.  Or, if more simply, you need to prepare the annual fiscal declaration for your employees, we can assist you in all this and much more!!

It is important to be prepared when dealing with taxes. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Since 1995 we have been providing advice on insource- and outsourcing accounting to clients in Hungary with a great sense of professionalism and dedication.

Why choose ITL Accounting? With our team of professionals and experts we will support you to aim a 360​​° accounting assistance.  Accounting for a start-up as well as for a consolidated company, from the constitution to the liquidation, from the chart of accounts to the Financial statement and taxes optimization. 

With our international experience and competence we can help to draw a personalized roadmap to guide you through the Hungarian system.

Meet our Head of Division

Anikó Molnár

ITL Accounting Division Head of Department

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