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Consulting in Hungary: Supporting companies since 1995


Robust, tailor-made approach


25 years’ experience in entrepreneurship


HR management expertise

If you have decided to invest in Hungary, temporary management is one of the possible access routes our consultants can guide you through. This means temporarily instating the best person(s) for the job, someone who knows the ropes of managing a specific type of enterprise, or who understands the intimate details of business management in Hungary, to make sure that your business takes off.

A temporary manager, for example, can save a company from any potential impasse, and help it to better integrate into the Hungarian business sector. Having a perfect vehicle is not enough if you are missing an expert driver – someone local, who knows the “rules of the road” – who can drive your enterprise toward achievement of your business objectives.

Thanks to our decades-long experience doing business in Hungary, working with companies in various industries, and managing and restructuring companies with diverse business models, we are able to help you fulfill, even surpass, your business objectives.

Our strategy is based on a 100% tailor-made approach.

It starts by listening to you, understanding your business challenges and recognising which skill set and business roles are the best fit for achieving your goal, locating the right interim manager to do that.

Sometimes taking on a team with a combined broad skill set for short-term support of your business can prove to be the most effective approach.

For this reason ITL Consulting, together with the support of ITL HR Solutions, provides you with the best interim managers and business experts, who, capitalising upon their high levels of professionalism and motivation, will work together with you to grow your company and achieve results continuously over time.

Besides an interim manager, we can also provide management services in Hungary such as:

  • Business consultancy
  • Periodic financial management service
  • Crisis management and corporate restructuring service

We, at ITL Group, believe that our job is providing you with valuable information, tools and training, whilst building a relationship of trust is the first step to reach your success.

For us, accounting assistance means managing the company accounts from a 360° perspective, as well as supporting entrepreneurs in the management of wages, processing of annual tax returns and for any other requirements related to carrying out the necessities of a business.

With experience and professionalism, we provide you with a plane ready for take-off. It is up to you to choose a good pilot and crew to accompany you step by step into this adventure.

Meet our Head of Division

Sheila Moriconi

ITL Consulting Head of Department

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