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Consulting in Hungary: Supporting companies since 1995


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We have been helping companies operating in Hungary for over 25 years. Therefore, we have developed a “natural business instinct” – a high level of soft skills and emotional intelligence that facilitates meeting your business objectives in the local market. 

Our consulting services for companies are diverse, and thanks to our know-how we can guide you through your challenges in various business areas to isolate and achieve their solutions.

Running through the woods is entirely different from running on a track. In the former, you can always choose among various paths, discovering different roads and hidden places that may contain many opportunities, but it’s easier when you are with someone who knows the landscape.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how important it is to prepare well before a race, to have proper equipment and reliable partners, and to possess a familiarity of the territory that enables them to blaze a trail to the finish line as quickly as possible while avoiding pitfalls.

This is the goal of our consultancy service, to help you hurdle over the obstacles on your path to the top. Your job is to enjoy the view.

Discover in detail consultancy services in Hungary – ITL Consulting .

End-to-end consulting services in Budapest

We believe that in order to realize your investment in Hungary it is essential to start from a careful analysis of your company’s needs. This is the beginning stage of our consultancy services in Hungary, which involve professionals and multidisciplinary experts who work to assemble a new engine for your company that will allow you to travel faster and with more power. We have the resources necessary to create a tailor-made solution to address your business challenge.

With our many years of experience, and with the support of eight departments, our consultants can offer you a mix of: 

  • Strategic consultancy and tailor-made solutions
  • Tax advice
  • Accounting and payroll consultancy
  • Administrative advice
  • Real estate consultancy 
  • Human resource and HR compliance consultancy
  • Legal consultancy
  • Marketing and communications consultancy

Because we’re a one-stop shop company, our consultants are used to applying a multidisciplinary approach and have a bird’s-eye view on all potential risks and challenges impacting a business transaction, examining them from various perspectives.

ITL Group helps you locate the answers to your investment queries in Hungary in one place, so you have more time to devote to your project and can focus on your business objectives.

Request an appointment with our team and start planning the best strategy towards making a fully-informed investment decision in Hungary.

We, at ITL Group, believe that our job is providing you with valuable information, tools and training, whilst building a relationship of trust is the first step to reach your success.

We provide you with all the expertise you need to develop your ideas and turn them into concrete businesses through our tailor-made services, consultancy, and projects.

With experience and professionalism, we provide you with a plane ready for take-off. It is up to you to choose a good pilot and crew to accompany you step by step into this adventure.

Meet our Head of Division

Alessandro Farina

ITL Consulting Head of Department

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