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Communication marketing Plan & Strategies

Communicating with your customers and entering into relationships with potential ones are a necessary step for building lasting, trustful relationships over time. It is a holistic process that needs to take into consideration many aspects regarding the business.
Together, we start by defining the values ​​of your company and formulate a corporate communication and marketing plan to define both the quantitative and qualitative results you’re looking for.
Want to know why we do it? To provide your company with concrete results.

Our approach is a strategic one that is finalized in an operative communication and marketing plan. Developing an operational plan means planning in detail all the strategies for getting in touch with your potential customers and strengthening relationships with current ones, remaining consistent with your audience and the chosen communication language, both online and offline.

To make the corporate communication strategy more effective, we define the results, performance and process objectives, by arranging a budget and allocating the time and resources necessary to generate concrete results.

We focus on bringing results through the nurturing of our mutual relationship based on trust to build the best strategy together, one that will bring added value over time and will help your business grow by adapting to the fast-changing times.

Brand identity, reputation and communications

Taking care of the communication with your customers is a fundamental aspect of any enterprise.
Knowing the best way to communicate with customers is, in fact, the first step to promoting effectively your product or service and strengthening your brand reputation within the market.

Why is it so important to communicate effectively?

Knowing how to communicate with your customers allows you to share the value of your brand, to transmit the potential of your products or services and to start creating a relationship of trust with your audience, as well as strengthening your corporate identity.
The first step in this process is to define an effective corporate communication strategy that allows you to get in touch with your potential customers and secure existing ones.

Together with the ITL Marketing team, we help you devise the most effective communication strategy for your company, but above all one that is the most consistent with your corporate values.

The roadmap we’ll follow includes:

  • Analyzing the scenario
  • Defining your communications goals
  • Understanding your audience better
  • Defining the tools and language of communication
  • Developing operational and monitoring plans

When a company decides to invest in Hungary it must reshape its thinking, language, and communication flow, and each message must be fine-tuned and made specific for the goals of the business.

Vision, planning, development and monitoring are the key steps to achieve business objectives and optimize time and resources.

You can trust the ITL Marketing team to build the best communication strategy which encompasses your investments and projects in Hungary.

Meet our Head of Division

Luigino Bottega

ITL Marketing Division Head of Department

Born in Italy in 1967. In 1984 he founded his state-of-art communication company which developed innovative solutions for commercials and online communities. Moved to Budapest in 2000, he launched his own event network of companies and joined ITL Group in 2003 setting the birth of ITL Marketing.

As the head of ITL Marketing for the consultancy firm, he signed successful projects such as the online magazine and the yearly event Budapest Business Party. Creator of the first web communities ever invented in Italy, he was several times awarded and nominated with the Oscar of the web “Il Premio WWW” by the leading Italian economic newspaper “IlSole 24Ore”.

In 2020 Luigino published an illustrated essay, a collection of thoughts and experiences assembled into a useful formula for those who, armed with curiosity, wish to discover new perspectives for their personal growth: As author of the book “IO-How to Win the Game of Life”, he is also currrently active in mentoring and trainings for personal development. 

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