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Sales and Purchase Assistance Sales and Purchase Assistance

Real estate sales and purchase assistance

If you are looking for assistance in buying or selling residential or commercial properties in Hungary, what you need to know is that the Hungarian real estate market is constantly evolving. This has led many investors to choose Hungary as a destination for their earnings, which has contributed to a rise in prices and the higher value of properties.

Our over 25 years of experience and professionalism are the keys to your success within this market. This is why ITL Real Estate offers you assistance for buying and selling operations in Hungary through the phases outlined below:

  • Purchase decision support
    • Real estate market and tax consultancy
    • Valuation of the property
    • Title search
  • Mortgage loan application
  • Legal assistance deed of sale/purchase
  • Post-sales or purchase assistance
  • Property management in Budapest      
  • Among our main property management services in Budapest we offer you:
    • Management of utilities
    • User billing and payment
    • Support in intermediation with companies

We offer you our assistance in the analysis of and continuous research for opportunities in buying and selling properties in Hungary.

Buying or renting a shop or a commercial property

We have consolidated experience in the Hungarian retail market, having followed the development of several international retailers across the country. We possess an understanding of the best city center locations (high-end streets) and have extensive knowledge of the country’s shopping centers and outlets.

Buying or renting a logistic warehouse or production facility

 Since 1995, we have been supporting international companies in finding the best location for their production facilities or logistic bases around the country, both with greenfield developments within industrial parks and through the acquisition of existing facilities suitable for the client’s purposes.

Buying a flat or a house in Hungary: Trust is built on experience.

If you want to buy a flat or a house in Hungary, you need someone trustworthy and reliable to assist you in the research, expertise of the property and in all the handling and management of the purchase and sale procedures, according to your needs.

Whether you are interested in buying a flat or a house in Hungary for yourself or as an investment, ITL Real Estate aims to place the “right key” in your hand, after having sifted through the bewildering bunch of keys available on the Hungarian market.

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Taxation in Hungary: discover all the risks and advantages

If you are willing to enter into a purchase-and-sale operation, you must also know all the advantages and potential risks of the taxation system in Hungary and how those factors might impact your decision-making.

The advantages may be numerous- it all depends on how they are exploited. If you’re ready to make your business concrete in Hungary, you can rely on ITL Real Estate to help you carry out your projects successfully.

Request a consultation with our team of experts to hear about the in’s and out’s of buying and selling in Hungary.

Thanks to the experience of our lawyers and tax advisors, we can guide you through a smooth deal process, by evaluating the real yield on an anticipated investment.

As consultants, it’s in our best interest to provide you with the latest real estate information and to traverse a path of value over time with you.

We possess a deep, diverse knowledge of the market for residential and commercial services to guide you within the Hungarian real estate landscape. 

Meet our Head of Division

Szilvia Schenk

ITL Real Estate Head of Department

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