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Accounting & Tax Auditing: Balance sheet auditing

Decisions in the business world can have a strong impact – in fact, they can determine the success or failure of a company.

When optimizing business processes, you can rely on our Accounting and Tax Auditing service aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s accounting and tax management system.

Find out more:

  • How it works and when to request Accounting and Tax Auditing service
  • Review of corporate transformations, mergers, divisions and injections

How it works and when to request Accounting and Tax Auditing service

Certification of financial statements and performance of an audit are two mandatory activities in Hungary for those companies having at least one of the following characteristics:

  1. Having reached the HUF 300 million turnover threshold in the last two years
  2. Staff numbers exceeding an average of 50 employees for at least two consecutive working years

The mandatory appointment procedure of the auditor (who must be registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors) is formalized by a resolution of the shareholders’ meeting and resulting arrangement of a service contract.

ITL Audit professionals are committed to guaranteeing increasingly efficient and accurate service, offering continuous support in the decision-making process and consistent, concrete and high-level assistance to the customer.

The certification of the balance sheet in Hungary is a fundamental activity for examining the integrity and accuracy of the financial, asset-related and economic data included in the financial statements and verifying that they comply with Hungarian legislation.

Review of corporate transformations, mergers, divisions and contributions

The presence of an auditor is also necessary during some extraordinary operations in the life of the company, such as national or cross-border mergers, divisions, etc.

Since these operations very often have decisive fiscal consequences, it is good that they are analyzed and studied carefully.

Request an appointment with our consultants, who are glad to help you and provide you with all the information you need for your investments.

The basis of effective collaboration is most certainly communication, and that’s why our professionals are always at your disposal.

Each issue has its own value, history and source. The task of a good auditor is to extrapolate all of the useful information from the numbers in order to prevent problems and discover new opportunities

Entrepreneurs can sleep sweet dreams thanks to ITL Audit: their companies are in good hands. A financial report can only be truly verified when a thorough audit is carried out in line with international standards.

A successful and transparent audit also represents a guarantee for suppliers and clients. The rules are the same in Europe. Don’t underestimate a problem until it’s too late! Moreover, transfer pricing laws are extremely severe. We’ll carefully draft your documentation and prepare your internal regulation.

Meet our Head of Division

Dóra Szeles

ITL Audit Founding Partner

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