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Social security administration - We are your payment place

We provide our clients social security services with a high level of confidentiality, international IT and data security standards. 

We have a long-term experience in both national and international payroll administration of various wage components as well as in calculation and accounting for salaries paid to expats. 

To comply with Hungarian legislation, we comply with the administration of social security benefits for the National Health Insurance Fund Administration.

If the average number of employees IS over 100 employees for 6 months in a row, it’s mandatory in Hungary to establish a payment place at the employer, which calculates and pays out security insurance benefits directly to employees.

 Within the social insurance administration, our consultants will provide you with:

  1. Administration of social insurance benefits for the National Health Insurance Fund Administration 
  2. Calculation, forwarding of the monthly statistics on paid benefits and operation as a social security payment place
  3. TB (social insurance) audit

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we have regular contacts with local authorities, which contributes to significant stability in our work, and we pride ourselves on always monitoring any changes in legislation.

At ITL Payroll, we are striving to provide services for a better workforce administration, effective payroll processing and continuous research for solutions to control payroll costs.

ITL Payroll

Moreover, we can always count on close cooperation with the ITL Group’s fellow professionals such as our partners in ITL HR Solution, ITL Tax Advisor, ITL Accounting and Lajos Law Firm.

Meet our Head of Division

Andrea Láposi

ITL Payroll Senior Manager

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