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Payroll consultancy and labour-law advisory

ITL Payroll professionals provide our clients guidance in labor code, social insurance, tax, social contribution, and HR best practices. 

In addition to payroll compliance in Hungary, we support entrepreneurs and company managers by providing support towards their employees’ tax returns, thanks to continuous collaboration with ITL Consulting, ITL TAX Advisor and ITL HR Solutions, our other divisions.

We are confident of our ability to meet your highest expectations on full accountability, legislation compliance, and optimal employee experience.

Payroll and HR compliance

Hungarian payroll is characterized by strongly regulated processes which require a complex professional background mandating holistic implementation of various regulations and government orders (Labour Code, Taxation Law, Social Insurance Law, etc.)

One of the strengths of our professionals is their monitoring and legislation knowledge, which is required to provide our clients with high levels of confidentiality and accurate and efficient payroll and HR compliance.

  • We have the ability to provide our clients with reporting and statistics in line with the highest international standards. 
  • We review existing remuneration schemes and recommend approaches to remuneration planning and payroll compliance that meet with relevant regulations, as well as client objectives. 
  • We provide assistance in identifying key employees. 
  • We provide cafeteria administration and consulting.
  • We develop tax-efficient packages.
  • We provide information to clients about payroll-related legal changes in a regular newsletter.

Shadow payroll

This service involves investigating an employee’s home-country and host-country relationships for taxation purposes in accordance with conventions on avoidance of double taxation.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we have regular contacts with local authorities, which contributes to significant stability in our work, and we pride ourselves on always monitoring any changes in legislation.

At ITL Payroll, we are striving to provide services for a better workforce administration, effective payroll processing and continuous research for solutions to control payroll costs.

Moreover, we can always count on close cooperation with the ITL Group’s fellow professionals such as our partners in ITL HR Solution, ITL Tax Advisor, ITL Accounting and Lajos Law Firm.

Meet our Head of Division

Andrea Láposi

ITL Payroll Senior Manager

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