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Duna Expert Duna Expert


Duna Expert, the leading company specialized in accounting and payroll for French-speaking investors in Hungary, joined the ITL Group in 2021.

Reliable financial information


Confidentiality & privacy for payroll


Accuracy and cost-saving

The strength of Duna Expert is a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, led by Xavier Defaÿsse, a French citizen, in Hungary since 1993 with more than 35 years of experience in the audit and accounting profession.

Duna Expert professionals undertake full or partial outsourcing of bookkeeping and payroll services, by providing their clients also with monthly reporting of the performance and the financial situation of the company, with translation in English, Italian or French at their convenience.

Hungarian fiscal representative within the network Tax Representative Alliance

The Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) is an association of VAT specialists from several countries: accountants, lawyers and tax advisors who can handle the VAT affairs of foreign groups and businesses as tax representatives in their states. As the Hungarian representative for TRA since 2017, ITL Group is proud to offer support on all VAT matters (from registration to returns, payments and more) in one or more European countries.

We provide cross-border VAT representation and VAT advisory services. In particular, we can coordinate the VAT registration of a company in several European countries and, subsequently, monthly or quarterly compliance. For the client, it’s advantageous that they can have only one point of contact with us if preferred, and then we handle their VAT affairs in other European countries with our Tax Representative Alliance (“TRA”) network colleagues.

Our ITL Accounting Services

Our ITL PAYROLL services

Since 1997, Duna Expert has been an accounting and payroll firm specialized in services to French-speaking companies operating in Hungary. 

Our deep knowledge of the Hungarian culture and local business environment is a safe bridge for our French-speaking beloved customers.

Together we are stronger! This is the main driver that motivated the partnership between Duna Expert and ITL Group. Thanks to this union, from 2021 all French-speaking clients can also benefit from the experience and the multidisciplinary services of the ITL Group. 


With our refreshed international experience and competence we can help to draw a personalized roadmap to guide you through the Hungarian administrative system.

Meet our Head of Division

Xavier Defaÿsse

Duna Expert Managing Director

With more than 28 years professional experience in Hungary, Xavier Defaÿsse has acquired a deep understanding of the issues of European investors in Hungary.

As managing director of Duna Expert for more than 20 years, Xavier has acquired specific skills in local tax issues, Hungarian accounting treatments, financial group reporting and IFRS restatements.

Previously he has coordinated various audit and due diligence with PwC in France from 1987 to 1993 and in Hungary from 1993 to 2000. As also controlling director in Hungary for a large Belgian retail group, he has been responsible for setting up the internal audit department and monitoring the monthly reporting including implementing corrective actions.

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