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Improve team and company performance

Business coaching is one way to improve team and company performance.

Our coaching services in Budapest are based on improving the performance of the entire organization by developing the skills of the individual or the whole team to achieve the desired business results. People are the heart of the company, because through their motivation, their soft and hard skills it is possible to achieve business objectives.

In the Business Coaching field in Budapest, ITL HR Solutions also offers: Team Coaching and Executive Coaching.


A motivated team is one that achieves goals faster and more effectively and makes for sustainable success for businesses. Our coaches aim to develop the efficient communication and cooperation among the members of the team consisting in highly motivated individuals in order to rise the culture of cooperation” on a higher level mobilizing the collective competences and to lead them to achieve common business results and targets.

Through a careful analysis of team dynamics and the organizational context, our ITL HR Solutions coaches improve internal performance, helping cultivate a frictionless and collaborative climate.

What are the objectives of team coaching:

  • Motivate the work team within a positive business climate.
  • Direct employees to the positions where they can fulfill themselves and make the most of their skills.
  • Promote a corporate climate aimed at communication between departments.
  • Generate out of every problem an opportunity to develop positive changes.
  • Improve team cooperation through dialogue and valuing individual ideas.


Executive Coaching supports the employer to be leader of the team, thus improving the entire corporate communication and collaboration from the top to the bottom.

Coaching allows for improvement of the leadership style, the ability to manage stress especially in times of uncertainty, facilitating the generational transition or towards a new corporate culture.

Each professional will receive an individual development plan built on training needs and personal ambitions without losing sight of the culture and business context.

Furthermore, one-to-one Executive Coaching allows you to focus on individual difficulties or new challenges, as in the case of a promotion to a role of greater responsibility or international assignments. It can be an integral part of the executive onboarding process upon joining the organization.

These are great coaching opportunities and can provide your employees with the support they need to further improve their performance.


When to contact a life and business coach

Our Life and Business coaches follow your collaborators step-by-step to improve their skills, develop their potential and skills to achieve success in their work. The former focus on solving issues whose roots emanate from a personal level, the latter on issues that develop in the workplace. It is the responsibility of the coach to distinguish the area of ​​intervention between private and professional.

In what situations might you need the support of a coach?

  • You feel a “block” or are unable to achieve your goals.
  • It is difficult to manage some problems and conflicts.
  • You can’t manage to solve a new challenge.
  • You want to upgrade your skills.
  • An individual no longer feels recognized as part of the team.
  • You want to find the balance between your workload and private life.
  • You want to learn how to manage situations outside of your comfort zone more automatically.

Starting from these situations, we help companies rediscover the internal strengths of their team and identify the techniques that make it possible to guide employees towards the achievement of company objectives.

Book an appointment with our HR consultants now to discover our coaching services in Budapest.

Our primary objective is to help our Clients to minimize the risks arising in connection with
employment and organizational developments, and help them reduce the costs and required
time interval.

We focus on delivering high-end HR services and superior solutions to our Clients’ Human Resources needs. Our approach is result-driven and highly adaptable ensuring that our Clients receive creative, efficient and timely services.

ITL HR Solutions, with its custom made solutions, increases organizational efficiency and keeps the cost of Human Resources at an optimal level.

Meet our Head of Division

Judit Gráczer

ITL HR Solutions Head of Department

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