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Nowadays, businesses operate more and more beyond national borders.

In Hungary, the tax environment is also constantly changing, and increasingly complex, in addition to the rules and laws of other countries.

To harmonise your fiscal operations, one should fully understand Hungarian and international legislation to avoid sanctions or unpleasant consequences. That means you’re pushed to make quick decisions on the fly every day in this regard.

Let our experts help you and together we’ll find the perfect approach that addresses potential risks.

Risk is part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s life, but walking into an unknown situation can imperil your business and reputation.
Having a zero-risk approach means gathering all crucial information in real-time, both nationally and internationally, and knowing all the changes related to taxation, to avoid nasty surprises, such as unexpected penalties.

With a team consisting of highly qualified lawyers specializing in tax law, our tax advisors support the taxpayer in various areas of tax enforcement and disputes. .

Our work as experts in accounting and tax due diligence is based on the principles of accepting the tax risk of the operations you intend to perform, verifying information through careful analysis, and ensuring that all your tax obligations are fulfilled.

The Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) is an association of VAT specialists from several countries: accountants, lawyers and tax advisors who can handle the VAT affairs of foreign groups and businesses as tax representatives in their states. As the Hungarian representative for TRA since 2017, ITL Group is proud to offer support on all VAT matters (from registration to returns, payments and more) in one or more European countries.

We provide cross-border VAT representation and VAT advisory services. In particular, we can coordinate the VAT registration of a company in several European countries and, subsequently, monthly or quarterly compliance. For the client, it’s advantageous that they can have only one point of contact with us if preferred, and then we handle their VAT affairs in other European countries with our Tax Representative Alliance (“TRA”) network colleagues.


Let our experts help you and together we will find the perfect solution that tackles the potential risks.

Our work is based on the principles of assessing the tax risk of the transactions you intend to carry out by verifying the information through careful analysis and by ensuring that all your tax obligations are fulfilled.

Risk is part of an entrepreneur’s life, but with the help of our experts, we will analyse together the most suitable solutions for your business.

Meet our Head of Division

Veronika Lázár

ITL Tax advisor Head of Department

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