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Property management

Our property management is specifically designed for clients who own and manage apartment buildings or office spaces.

Our mission is to provide efficient and professional support in the comprehensive management of their properties. Our extensive services include optimizing rental processes, asset management, and maintenance, all aimed at maximizing the value of the properties.

Our experienced team offers flexible solutions, taking into account unique needs and working closely to develop customized property strategies.

We assure our clients that with our property management services, their properties will be optimally and effectively handled, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of their real estate investments without worries.

Our Property Management Services include:

1. Leasing and Rental Management:
  •  Creating advertisements and promoting properties on popular platforms.
  •  Communicating with potential tenants and selecting suitable renters.
  • Managing and updating lease agreements.
2. Financial Management:
  • Collecting rental fees and other associated costs.
  • Handling payments such as expenses and maintenance bills.
  • Generating financial statements and reports.
3. Technical Management and Maintenance:
  • Organizing regular inspections and maintenance tasks.
  • Managing emergency repairs and addressing issues promptly.
  • Supervising specialists and service providers.
4. Communication and Relationship Management:
  • Maintaining communication with tenants and addressing their requests.
  • Regular communication with investors and property owners.
  • Providing legal advice and support on legal matters.
5. Property Value Enhancement:
  • Conducting property appraisals and market analyses.
  • Proposing strategies to increase property values.
  • Organizing updates and improvements.
6. Legal and Regulatory Affairs:
  • Handling lease agreements and other legal documents.
  • Ensuring compliance with local property regulations and laws.
  • Organizing legal representation in case of disputes.
7. Administration and Data Management:
  • Organizing documents and data related to properties.
  • Managing information systems and software.
  • Maintaining records and preparing reports.

Thanks to the experience of our lawyers and tax advisors, we can guide you through a smooth deal process, by evaluating the real yield on an anticipated investment.

As consultants, it’s in our best interest to provide you with the latest real estate information and to traverse a path of value over time with you.

We possess a deep, diverse knowledge of the market for residential and commercial services to guide you within the Hungarian real estate landscape. 

Meet our Head of Division

Szilvia Schenk

ITL Real Estate Head of Department

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