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Legal translation service in Hungary

The colleagues of Lajos Law Firm not only carry out traditional lawyers’ activities, but are also available to our clients for the translation of legal texts.

Our colleagues carry out official daily communication with our large clientele mainly in Italian, Hungarian and English. Their in-depth knowledge of foreign languages ​​is based on the experiences collected over several years through scholarships or work carried out abroad and also thanks to the continuous development of the firm’s international relations.

Without legal understanding it is impossible to make unambiguous and smooth translations of legal texts. Even more so, many documents that are filed at the authorities or at the court must have an authenticated translation. This is why we have launched our own legal translation services. Thanks to the necessary qualifications we possess, the authorities, the court and the land registry all accept the translations issued by us. 

Our legal team has an official certificate in translation, which offers an additional contribution to the professional performance of the legal translation activity, thus combining language skills with legal ones.

The Lajos Law Firm team of lawyers has gained extensive experience in legal translation over the years. They can translate any document from and into Italian, English and Hungarian, with a view on international legal advice.  

When requesting a sworn translation, time certainly becomes a fundamental element, but this also includes professionalism and experience in providing specific and complete translations. Punctuality, precision and reliability: these are the three strengths of the work we assist with, which we also employ in the drafting of legal and juridical documents in foreign languages.

Specifically, we offer sworn translation services in Hungary for:

  • Chamber of Commerce inquiries
  • Company certificates
  • Contracts
  • Deeds of foundation
  • Statutes 
  • Judgements
  • Board resolutions
  • Information notes

In the case of chamber of commerce inquiries and other documents to be filed with the corporate court, the Firm issues sworn translations, so that they can be accepted by the authority.

Collaboration and trust are earned in small steps. Rely on our team of lawyers to find answers to all your legal problems. Request an appointment with us today to find out more!


Our team consists of 15 experienced professionals trained in a large number of Hungarian law areas (mainly business law) to offer you full legal assistance in Budapest.

We never try to avoid the most complicated cases, because exactly such challenges are the beauty of our profession. The foundation of our work is trust, which we have to gain day by day with an approach based on responsibility and professionalism.

Request a consultation with our lawyers to start building a long-term partnership based on trust.

Meet ITL Group’s partner!

Levente Lajos

Founding Partner at Lajos Law Firm

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