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pr press media and influencer marketing pr press media and influencer marketing

PR, press, media & influencers

When you enter a new market, especially one in which no one knows you or your business, the professionalism and experience of those who promote your interests are key.

Building and managing your corporate reputation through conference activities,
press office and public relations are the first steps to ensuring success for a company in terms of VISIBILITY and credibility, not to mention their importance for consumers, new customers, and the enterprise’s business network, employees and partners.

The key to achieving and maintaining a positive image relies, above all, upon your PR specialists’ knowledge of the context involved in managing your media strategy.

Thanks to our marketing team’s decade-long track record of success, we can satisfy a wide range of needs to achieve the objectives that the company is aiming for, thanks to the development of tailored actions.

Communication strategies, especially for influencer marketing, are very complex precisely because they require constant updating and a precise knowledge of both cross-country and local communication processes.

ITL Group works from the added values ​​that it has developed in 25 years of work in this field, including the personal and synergistic relationship that the team establishes with customers and their deep understanding of the local market.

When a company decides to invest in Hungary it must reshape its thinking, language, and communication flow, and each message must be fine-tuned and made specific for the goals of the business.

Vision, planning, development and monitoring are the key steps to achieve business objectives and optimize time and resources.

You can trust the ITL Marketing team to build the best communication strategy which encompasses your investments and projects in Hungary.

Meet our Head of Division

Luigino Bottega

ITL Marketing Division Head of Department

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