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A DYNAMIC COMPANY WITH AN International mindset

Get to know our values, meet our team and discover our long journey.

Passion, Professionalism, and Ethics are our guiding Principle when assisting companies operating in Hungary. So far, so good: in the last 25 years we’ve helped more than 500 companies with their daily requirements, supporting the development of their activities and advising them about their local market

We promote business for a better world, this is why we created Atlas World and its community of leaders for change.

Our philosophy

Ethics, Dedication and Professionalism: a long story of love and passion for enterprise

Our philosophy is based on Ethics, Dedication, and Professionalism which is ingrained in our corporate DNA. We can confidently claim that these traits are the backbone of our enterprise. We would never be able to gain so much trust and faith from our partners and customers had our professionals not possessed such a passion for enterprise. Our aim is to assist businesses and provide them with crucial daily advice, in order to amplify their chances of success.







Our story. Your gateWAY to Hungary

A long journey to the gate and beyond.

Explore the major events and achievements that characterized our journey.

  • 1992


    Alessandro Farina moves to Hungary, cutting his teeth at a renowned English consultancy firm. Its clients include industrial, trade, agricultural, and real estate companies.

  • 1993


    In 1993, Xavier Defaÿsse started his career in Hungary as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand and PriceWaterhouseCoopers until 2000.

  • 1995


    He establishes the ITL Group and starts providing corporate services. The first slogan was “if you want to predict the future, you have to understand the present” and it became the guiding principle which encouraged the company’s growth in the following years

  • 1997

    Salustro Reydel

    Salustro Reydel (now member of KPMG) opens a subsidiary in Hungary for the French speaking community and starts a bookkeeping practice which will be known later as Duna Expert. Duna Expert has joined ITL Group in 2021.

  • 1998

    Lajos Law Firm

    Partnership is established with the Lajos Law Firm, run by lawyer Levente Lajos. A good partner and true friend: clients received his complete support, and he shared the burden of numerous market challenges over the following years.

    LLF website

  • 2000


    ITL Accounting is established, making what once was an outsourced activity into an integral part of the ITL Group. The company makes a considerable investment in IT to guarantee high-quality services.

  • 2001

    New ITL Group HeadQuarter

    The company keeps growing. The ITL Group HQ is refurbished and expanded to welcome new staff. The group expands its managerial services for its clients, becoming a veritable one-stop shop.


  • 2002


    The ITL Group establishes Kopernikusz, a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing training programmes and managing European Union tenders. It’s run by Barbara Ács (in 2016, the organisation was annexed to the Group and renamed ITL EU Finance).

  • 2003

    ITL Marketing

    The department provides communication, marketing, event planning, and market research services. Luigino Bottega heads the division, given his previous experience creating social communities and platforms in Italy

  • 2004

    Retail Consulting

    The ITL Group gains more experience and starts providing visual merchandising and training services to well-known retail chains. This leads to further work with international large-scale retail groups.

  • 2007

    Welcome to Váci utca Center

    We continue growing… and the ITL Group moves its offices to the pedestrian zone of Váci utca 81 in Budapest (current location). With the move, all departments are now under one roof. Moreover, the company rebrands and gradually increases its range of services.

  • 2008

    The website, in Italian language, provides information on the Hungarian economy. It has become the most read publication on the economic exchanges between the two countries

  • 2010


    In 2010, we created the DATABASE OF THE ITALIAN COMPANIES which encompasses all of the active Italian companies within Hungary, with the intention of expanding our readers’ knowledge of the investment climate in the country.

  • 2010

    ITL Audit

    Together with Dóra Szeles, an auditor who gained considerable experience at other international companies, ITL Audit was born. The department mainly implements audits and transfer pricing services.

  • 2011

    ITL HR Solutions

    The department focuses on research, staffing selection and provision as well as other HR services. The client list soon grows to include renowned multinational companies.

    ITL HR Solutions website

  • 2012

    Budapest Business Party

    The ITL Group launches “Budapest Business Party”, a yearly event targeting the international business scene in Budapest. Its resounding success makes it a go-to event in the following years, with attendance constantly skyrocketing!

    BBP website

  • 2013

    Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

    Alessandro Farina is awarded the grade of Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for his “role in stimulating economic and business exchanges between Hungary and Italy.”. That same year, the ITL Group started its outreach programme, assisting Italian citizens residing in Hungary with matters relating to INPS, the Italian National Social Insurance Agency.

  • 2013

    ITL Real Estate

    ITL Real Estate is established! Our experts are responsible for signing framework agreements with various credit institutions and assisting them in the divestment of non-performing assets, auditing line of credits, and brokering real estate.

  • 2013

    Assistinting activities after retirement for pensioners

    During the same year, ITL Group also started offering assisting activities for the management of practices at the INPS for Italian and Hungarian residents to fill a gap and support the multiple needs of people who have reached the third age.

  • 2014

    Hungary 2014: a Guide to Investment

    The ITL Group publishes “Hungary 2014: a Guide to Investment”, which offers an overview on the Hungarian economy, politics, and taxation system. The book was so successful that its rights were acquired by the HIPA (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency) to promote the country.

    See the publication

  • 2014

    “Il Ponte” Award

    ITL Group receives the prestigious “Il Ponte” award by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

  • 2014

    Office restyling

    ITL Group completely refurbishes its offices to make space for even more staff. The company at the time counted a staff of 30 professionals.

  • 2015

    20th anniversary

    ITL Group celebrates its 20th anniversary and plans the new portal.


  • 2016

    A masterpiece as brochure

    We designed our new brochure with an artistic touch. As an element of this, we asked Andrea Piacquadio, one of the top 3 worldwide stock photography best sellers, to shoot creative photos of our team leaders to “shock” the consulting market. We definitely achieved that! Thank you, Andrea, for the amazing job  – and thanks to Mira for the fantastic graphic design. 

  • 2017

    Start of cooperation with TRA

    We are proud to be the Hungarian representative for “TRA”, the Tax Representative Alliance, an association of independent VAT specialists from several European countries.

  • 2017

    Start of cooperation with Activ Payroll

    Our collaboration with the award-winning global payroll network ActivPayroll began in this year.

    When we first established our partnership, we realized immediately that we shared the same passion, to help global businesses flourish, which they say “is part of our DNA”.

    Together we provide services tailored to the unique needs of a wide variety of businesses, starting with one of the biggest international companies we work for here in Hungary.

  • 2019

    ACCELIUM: Game-based coaching

    We became the official Growth Center for Accelium in Hungary. Accelium, a multinational Israeli-based AI software, develops higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games.

  • 2019

    Atlas Award: 1st edition

    The Atlas Award is intended to publicly recognize Hungary-based entrepreneurs who exhibit outstanding moral values.

    We believe that leaders with an E.S.C. approach, driven by ethical, sustainable and creative behaviours, will shape a better world!

  • 2020

    Tax and Legal Explorer

    Our experience has shown how difficult it is to identify a reliable consultant in a foreign country, where you don’t have established contacts. In the spirit of helping out, we have created the Tax and Legal Explorer, one of the largest databases of qualified tax and legal experts, members of the TOP 50 global networks. We call this “The Golden Selection”!

  • 2020

    ITL H2PRO: Knowledge, growth, awareness

    We have come to understand that, in order to provide better service to our Clients, we also need to address the know-how of their employees and managers. We therefore decided to create an academy to help enhance their personal skills and professional knowledge development, the ​oxygen and life of your organization.

  • 2020

    ITL Study Center: Data, research and analysis

    Since we are firm believers in sharing knowledge, ​we created the ITL Study Center to provide micro- and macro-economic data on Hungary and its foreign investment activities. ITL STUDY CENTER includes a one-of-a-kind investment guide and the Database of Italian Companies in Hungary, which is easily accessible online.

  • 2020

    ITL Payroll

    As the number of payroll Clients has grown significantly, we decided to create a separate division dedicated entirely to this service to better meet our Clients’ needs

  • 2020

    Fear is the mind-killer

    Today more than ever, our worst enemy is fear. A fear generated by the unknown. Fear kills the mind and freezes our actions. Our task, we feel, is to influence people to reposition their focus away from fear and train it upon a more positive emotion. In that spirit, this website is an invitation to entrepreneurs and managers who have been facing the current economic crisis caused by Covid-19 to share their uplifting experiences. Because we believe stories are powerful

  • 2020

    Atlas World

    We believe that change happens, especially when we are able to share ideas and we create the capacity for it. In order to do so, we set out to create a community of leaders to develop initiatives that strive for a better society. By joining this community, you can act as a catalyst to ​generate change​ and, as an intermediate step, leave an​ inspirational footprint behind for the world. Join our community now to make a positive impact!​ 

  • 2020

    25th Anniversary

    ITL Group has reached a milestone – the first 25 years from its founding. To celebrate this event, in 2020 we decided to plan a refresh of all of our online platforms and webpages. 

  • 2021

    Duna Expert

    In 2021 Duna Expert, the leading accounting firm specialized in French-speaking investors operating in Hungary, joined ITL Group.

     The strength of Duna Expert is a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, lead by Xavier Defaÿsse, a French citizen in Hungary since 1993 with more than 35 years of experience in the audit and accounting profession.

  • 2021

    The Year of Rejuvenation

    In 2021, we launched our new communications channels.

  • 2021

    Unindustria Hungary

    From 2021 ITL Group is part of the foundation of Unindustria Hungary: an interactive consortium of companies, to create an Italian System using Confindustria Italia as a COMPASS. The Unindustria Association wants to act as a reference point in Hungary for companies already present and future ones, with availability to provide information and services that respond to needs of the same associates.

Meet the team



levente lajos

Levente Lajos


Alessandro Farina


dora szeles

Dóra Szeles


veronika lazar

Veronika Lázár


aniko molnar

Anikó Molnár


szilvia schenk

Szilvia Schenk


luigino bottega

Luigino Bottega


judit graczer

Judit Gráczer


Our Clients

Why do client trust us?

The main reason our Clients trust us in managing their entrepreneurial aims is because
of the proficiency and passion possessed by each member of ITL Group.

“We will take care of each one of you, like a beloved family member”
A. Farina

Partners And Affiliates

Partners And Affiliates

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of Auditors

Hungarian Chamber
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Hungarian Chamber
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