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ITL Study Center ITL Study Center

About ITL STUDY Center

ITL STUDY CENTER is committed to provide detailed macro-economic data on the Hungarian society. Since WE ARE FIRM BELIEVERS IN KNOWLEDGE-SHARING we want to share it with business communities interested in investing in Hungary and in Budapest specifically.

ITL STUDY CENTER includes a precious investment guide and a Database of Italian Companies in Hungary, unique and easily accessible online.

Hungary 2014: A Guide to Investment

In 2014, we published an investment guide entitled Hungary 2014: A Guide to Investment, which gave insight into the Hungarian socio-political climate and taxation system. This was a fresh way to promote the country, with a simple, clear message and an emotional touch.It has become so successful that its rights were released to “HIPA” (the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency), in order to promote the Hungarian investment environment abroad.

Following this great accomplishment, we also took the initiative to publish quarterly real estate reports, with the aim of facilitating better decisions.

We have also created a periodical newsletter for our website,, in order to keep Italian business people informed about Hungary as an investment destination.

These crucial events and factors have in turn given way to our ITL Study Center, a project created in 2020. We believe this initiative is very much in line with our initial creed, which we came up with nearly three decades ago: “If you want to predict the future, you have to understand the present”.

Today, over a quarter of a century later, we will continue to look towards the future, fearlessly.

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