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Partner and market research Partner and market research

Partner and market research


We can find the perfect match for you.
With nearly three decades of experience in Hungary, we have amassed knowledge we believe is essential for conducting business in Hungary.
For one, we possess an extensive network of trustworthy sources and databases to help you find the partner you are looking for.

The value that we provide you with is a flexible and creative approach derived through extensive networking experience, by using all means of online and offline channels.

Trust and stability are two essential factors in conducting business. Via this service, our objective is to help you connect with trusted partners and gain authentic knowledge regarding the markets you want to invest in, bringing stability and reliability into what might be an uncertain environment for you.


Knowing your market and understanding the needs of your potential clients is important for the success of the service or product that you want to sell. These days, as the world has become more interconnected, we can help you reach and capitalise upon a wide variety of customers and markets.

When a company decides to invest in Hungary it must reshape its thinking, language, and communication flow, and each message must be fine-tuned and made specific for the goals of the business.

Vision, planning, development and monitoring are the key steps to achieve business objectives and optimize time and resources.

You can trust the ITL Marketing team to build the best communication strategy which encompasses your investments and projects in Hungary.

Meet our Head of Division

Luigino Bottega

ITL Marketing Division Head of Department

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