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Opening a bank account Opening a bank account

Opening a personal and a corporate bank accounts in Hungary






Compliance and legal support

ITL Group can support you during the entire process of opening personal and corporate bank accounts, dealing with the bank’s terms of compliance.

If you want to open and manage a company in Hungary, it is mandatory for the company to have a bank account (separate from any personal account).

Since 1995, our consultants have assisted numerous clients in the establishment of their companies and the opening of their bank accounts. This is why we are familiar, not only with the language, but also with the procedures in place.

Some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients are regarding:

  1. Language of the online interface of the account
  2. Costs of maintaining your bank account
  3. Best types of credit cards and debit cards
  4. Location of the bank’s branches and ATMs
  5. Additional services such as an option for a line of credit that you can use in an emergency
  6. Potential offers to new clients

If you would like to open a business bank account for your company, we will need to go through the entire compliance process which involves answering several questions and the submission of a few documents (company registration documents, passport, etc.).

We, at ITL Group, believe that our job is providing you with valuable information, tools and training, whilst building a relationship of trust is the first step to reach your success.

We provide you with all the expertise you need to develop your ideas and turn them into concrete businesses through our tailor-made services, consultancy, and projects.

With experience and professionalism, we provide you with a plane ready for take-off. It is up to you to choose a good pilot and crew to accompany you step by step into this adventure.

Who will you be working with

Alessandro Farina

ITL Consulting Head of Department

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