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Comagro Sardo supports the Atlas Award

“We support the Atlas Award because Comagro Sardo recognises itself in those same values. We believe in sustainability, through solid creative processes, aimed at delivering constant genuine, high-quality dairy products to the Hungarian and international market.

In Sardinia we learned how to take care of nature, and we keep doing it in Hungary with the same passion. This strong bond of love is a fundamental part of our corporate and family culture.” says BERNARDINO PUSCEDDU, sole director of Comagro Sardo Kft, one of the largest companies in the production and marketing of milk, present in Hungary since 1995.

Today it boasts great capacity in cereal production, maize growing, alfalfa production from seed (laberica quality), and forage production to feed its dairy cows, genetically selected, to obtain high-quality milk highly sought after because it is excellent for its properties in cheese making. We chose to be part of this project because we believe in E.S.C. approach to build a better world.

“Upon our arrival in Nogradkovesd, 60 km from Budapest, we initially bought some animals and then exported them to Arborea. The story of the mad cow prevented us from continuing this trade, so we opted to raise the cows ourselves, and at the same time, we looked for an outlet for our product. We started by trying to make a quality product, and we succeeded. Today our milk is one of the best in Europe, according to what they say. Our product is mostly purchased in Italy and partly in Hungary. Furthermore, we have created a dairy to produce burrata, ricotta and mozzarella, a niche product made by hand from our milk .”

In 2013, on an area of ​​150,000 square meters, we created an intelligent and eco-sustainable supply chainsays Pusceddu – which starts from the production of fodder for our livestock, up to the disposal of the sewage produced. We have installed a biogas plant for the elimination of organic waste and for the production of the energy needed by our company. The excess production is delivered to the energy suppliers in the area.

Then, the following year, he built his biogas plant, which allows the site to be cultivated in a circular way, because the manure is fermented in a digester under anaerobic conditions, during which methane gas is produced. Much of this gas would also form naturally and enter the environment, however it is burned through a cogenerator and produces electricity. Thanks to this electricity, the farm runs entirely on green energy and the excess electricity produced is fed into the power system.

The resulting solid and liquid end product reduces the use of fertilizers, contributing to circular and sustainable agriculture.

In 2020-21, a number of investments and developments, described below, have been implemented with Eximbank funds, with the help of Export Stimulation Investment and Working Capital Loans provided through CIB Bank, and their previous development loans have also been consolidated into an EXIM refinancing loan.

The comfort of its employees was enhanced with a modern social and recreation department, which was an important step forward and a milestone in the life of the company.

We believe that only by pursuing the path of innovation it will be possible to achieve a better impact and that is why we support the Atlas Award.

We are ready to embrace the ATLAS AWARD values to shape a better world!

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Nominate now your business hero for the 2022 Atlas Award:
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