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Luigino Bottega

For our quest for the business hero, we asked Luigino Bottega how he would describe it and if has ever met one.

After moving to Budapest in 2000, Luigino Bottega launched his own networking event for companies and joined ITL Group in 2003, setting the birth of ITL Marketing. As the head of ITL Marketing for the consultancy firm, he signed successful projects such as the online magazine and the yearly Budapest Business Party event.

In 2020, Luigino published an illustrated essay for those armed with curiosity who wish to discover new perspectives for their personal growth: As the author of the book “IO – How to Win the Game of Life”, he is also currently active in mentoring and trainings for personal development.

We also interviewed Michele Orzan, President of EuCham, Gabor Marton, a Peak-performance coach who works in Finance and Business, Gàbor Levai, Co-founder of Green Brand Hungary, and Alessandro Farina, Founder of ITL Group

1. Please introduce yourself (who you are, what you are doing, what is your profession…)

First of all, thank you so much for having me here. I’m Luigino Bottega, and I consider myself the ambassador of happiness. I want to spread around happiness, my first profession is this one and everything that I do is going in this direction: this is my daily task.

I express this in different ways: I do life coaching, I wrote a book about how to win in the game of life, I develop marketing strategies for companies, and I also like to organize events, especially events where the people can be happy together and multiply their possibility energy, also because I firmly believe that networking makes you learn in a faster way and you can be more helpful and for sure you can increase your ability to bend the history of the world in the direction of your vision.

2. Let’s start with an easy game of word association. What comes to your mind when I say “business”? And what comes to your mind when I say “hero”? There are no wrong answers!

When I hear the word “business” I have this strange feeling that it is not the strongest word, because “business” comes from being busy, and only being busy is not the best for you. The best is to be efficient, because to be only busy to invest your time in something to do is not enough: it is crucial how you invest your energy. You can create impact: you take action and involve others in that direction.

About the word “hero”, which comes from the Greek word “protector”, I think that we are the heroes of our life: only we can win or lose the game of our life, by expressing ourselves by serving others and realizing our bliss, our inner prophecy, to be helpful for the evolution of the humanity.

3. Now, let’s combine them together…what do you think is a business hero?

“Business hero” is a very interesting combination. I think that the business hero can represent a person who can efficiently imagine and realize, through his actions, a better world for himself and the world as a whole. When I say “world” I can also say “nature” because we’re nature. Sometimes we talk about “us and nature,” but in reality, we are nature: it also means that when we do something bad to nature, we do something bad to ourselves. So a Business hero is a successful person who can imagine and realize a better future for themselves, others, and the world.

4. Every business person goes through a journey: when did you hear your call, and how did your journey start?

I had different calls in my life because, of course, my awareness quality changed over time. But I think that my attitude was always to follow my inspiration, I was always focused on learning what happened inside me, in which way I could express my talents, which passion I have and how to use this tool, so that through my passion and my talent I can be more helpful.

In the beginning, some calls attracted me in the area of the creativity that I express through developing software or becoming a graphic designer. Day by day, I also take the responsibility to create a company where I could bring together energy and effort to realize more big projects.

In the last few years, I have felt that my mission is to empower and foster people to lead their destinies. For this reason, my last call is to take responsibility for my personal development to be a better person and to use any kind of energy and resources to support others to discover themself and to create something amazing for the world and the evolution of humanity.

5. Which obstacles did you encounter during your journey?

Every day, when you wake up in the morning, many thoughts come into your mind. Every situation can be, through your thoughts, described in something that you have a fear of, that you achieve, or you can be excited to see this new challenge: it means that every day is a call to become a creator.

For sure, you need to see the challenge you face only as an element that permits you to grow. Especially failures are a good moment for learning and to make a jump to understand yourself better and how you can be more successful in realizing your vision.

6. Did you find a mentor or inspiring leader to help you go forward?

Everybody around us is a mentor, some are direct mentors: you choose them because you think you need some kind of inspiration and learning. But everybody around you, also an enemy, somebody that makes you hurt or a child, can be a mentor, because everything that happens around you is a lesson for how to grow.

Talking about classic mentors, I like to study a lot from international mentors. I learn from the online platform where there are international mentors that you can acquire information for your life or your business activities, your reactions, or also in the level of the spiritual awakening, that is also important because, personally, I believe that there is something more than only the body.

7. What important lessons did you learn, and what is your contribution to society?

For me, the most important lesson is that the key of everything is the journey to awareness, which means that what is more important for each of us is to know ourselves and the direction in which we can express our bliss, the reason why we’re here. Only in that way we give meaning to our life.

8. Atlas World is looking for business heroes with an Ethical, Sustainable, and Creative approach: can you think of someone that embodies these qualities?

I think that it’s not easy to find one person that follows this ESC philosophy, in the beginning, because all these three together are describing a inspiring leader who is already “complete” but of course depending on your network of contacts. I have in my mind some and, every day, I can see that these people are committed to transforming themself, especially because you can change the world into a better place starting from ourselves. I can see that these people are committed to being better day by day and are very sensible in these three keywords. I think that in business we need people that follow the Ethical way, the sostenibile way, which means that they also care about the future generation and be every day creative, innovative. These are for sure the essential elements to generate a business efficiently.

9. Do you consider yourself a business hero? 

Of course yes! I am joking 😉 . I think that I am committed to these three keywords. I want to be every day better and better in these three keywords. I want to use these three keywords also to serve others. And let my practical actions show if I am really one business hero or not.

Nominate now your business hero for the 2022 Atlas Award:
Nominate now your business hero for the 2022 Atlas Award:
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