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Lucart Group supports Atlas Award

Lucart Sostiene Atlas Award

The Lucart Group has decided to support the second edition of the Atlas Award.

“The Lucart Group reflects and shares the values of the Atlas Award as we are committed to developing circular business models to share a sustainable future with our stakeholders.

We take care of people and the environment they live and work in with solutions for improving hygiene.

We want to build a better future using sustainability as the inspiring ingredient of our innovations and the key factor in the relationship with our stakeholders.”


“Only morality and ethics in our everyday life can give beauty and dignity to our existence. Along with sustainability, creativity, and ethics, we can build up and share a sustainable future for the new generations,” says Omar Balducci.

Lucart Hungary is the local subsidiary of Lucart Group. The company motto highlights the importance of leaving a better world to future generations:

The future belongs to everyone: it is time we will live and the Earth we will inhabit.

Since sharing the future is the commitment of the Lucart Group, we join Atlas World’s mission to make the world a better place. “Sharing the Future” involves everyone. The importance of being part of the Atlas movement, therefore, is crucial.

The people who support Lucart Group, the partners who believe in us, the families who choose our products also share our vision. “Sharing the Future” is an expression of mutual trust.

Together, to make a difference!

The commitment to innovation has always distinguished us and accompanies us in manufacturing our products on a path of continuous improvement towards a concretely sustainable future.

We pursue our choices in the environmental, social, and economic fields, convinced as we are that it is only through transparency, cooperation, and sharing that we can really make the difference.

Creating a cutting-edge products and innovative solutions, we want to promote a better future and be ready to meet new market challenges.

We share a sustainable vision of the world; we are the ambassadors of a sustainable way of producing paper through a systemic approach aimed at optimizing the use of raw materials and reducing waste by transforming them into new resources. We apply production and business models inspired by the circular economy principles to protect people and contribute to the planet’s future.

We share the Atlas Award’s values and want to be part of the change!

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Nominate now your business hero for the 2022 Atlas Award:
Nominate now your business hero for the 2022 Atlas Award:
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