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MSP Group supports the Atlas Award

MSP Group has decided to support also the second edition of the Atlas Award.

“Since 2012, the foundation of our company, we love to say A second life for a better world. This is our motto! As an international recyclable plastics broker with agents worldwide, I believe that plastics and polymer recycling is good for business and good for the planet.

I believe that companies should care about our world, as there is no Planet B. This is why MSP Group is proud to support the first edition of the Atlas Award.” SILVIA MERIGHI – FOUNDER OF MSP GROUP

Plastics and polymer recycling is good for business and good for the planet. It’s a win-win situation. This is why MSP Group also chose to support the Atlas Award’s second edition.

We believe in changing the world together!

Success and integrity are surely entailed in the ability to imagine and realize a better world for each one of us.

For almost three decades, Silvia Merighi has been in the recycling business as a broker, sharing the values of Ethics, Sustainability, and Creativity. That’s the kind of expertise and background you cannot fake. When it comes to matching buyers and sellers of industrial waste plastic materials, Silvia has second-to-none knowledge.

In 2012, Silvia established the MSP Group, a Recyclable Plastics broker in Budapest. The company she created reflects her principles and way of doing things. Regarding sourcing plastics trading, recycled plastics and polymers, MSP Group has it covered. This includes SBS polymer and recycled PET bottles. There is no “Planet B” and embracing the values of the Altas Award is a way to leave a positive footprint on our world.

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