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The quest of the business hero has started!

The Atlas Award revelation took place on July 6 at Aranybástya, an amazing location of with stunning view, in the heart of Buda.  

The invited guests and leaders of the Atlas World Community had the opportunity to meet with the other member. They share the values of Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity in the business world.

The skyline of Budapest framed the impressive prize of the Atlas Award 2022, which Alessandro Farina, founder of ITL Group and founder of the Award, presented to our dear guests.

While enjoying their drinks, many people were inspired to nominate their personal business heroes for the Atlas Award 2022 nominations.

Nominate your business hero here:

06/07/2022 Watch the video on YouTube

The prize

At sunset, the prize was revealed by Alessandro Farina and Marco Veronese, the artist who created the award.

To symbolize the business hero, the well-known Italian artist realized a hybrid sculpture, in which Atlas and the Vitruvian Man blend.
Atlas, the Titan of Greek mythology, supports the world with its strength; the Vitruvian man, famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, combines harmony and beauty in the human body.

Two precious gems shine on the work of art: a rubin in the heart of the man, an emerald in Hungary.

People who made it possible; thank you!

Our deepest gratitude went to Silvia Merighi, founder of MSP Group, Omar Balducci, sales director central and eastern Europe of Lucart Group and Lucart Kft spokesman, Bernardino Pusceddu founder of Comagro Sardo, who not only embrace the E.S.C. philosophy, but also support the Atlas World movement. Nothing would have been possible without their help!

Not last, we want to thank everybody who enjoyed the evening with the Atlas World Community and cheered together with us for a better world.

We look forward to the next gathering on the 6th of September!

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