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cultural awareness in the workplace: a workshop for itl group alumni

In collaboration with GMD Malta, ITL Group has organized a seminar for its trainees. The workshop entitled “Cultural awareness in the workplace” will be held by Viviana Premazzi, Founder of Global Mindset Development™ GMD. “Our mission is to develop a Global Mindset to understand the world around us” says Dr. Premazzi. “This is why we are organizing a workshop, to talk with ITL Group interns about their present and previous international experiences, the cultural differences they have experienced, their expectations of the internship in Hungary, and their plans for their future global careers”. GMD has helped Fortune 500 companies and organizations to recognize, respect, and value their culturally diverse workforces by promoting inclusive environments and making a positive impact on the local communities around them. 

The workplace as we know it has changed and continues to change rapidly. This can be seen within our own ITL Marketing team. We have people from Kazakhstan, France, Pakistan, Italy, Mongolia, Greece, Morocco working together at a Hungarian company, which was founded by an Italian entrepreneur. 

Understanding cultural differences and raising cultural awareness in the workplace can help us create a more inclusive work environment. It can help us facilitate our internal and external communications, avoid conflicts related to diversity, encourage new hires, and attract top talent. Improving our cultural awareness and intercultural communication is crucial to understanding that diversity in the workplace is an opportunity for innovation and fresh perspectives, rather than a challenge.

By ensuring that everyone in the company knows the importance of understanding, respecting, and valuing the cultural differences in the workplace, we can maximize our efforts to help reach our potential; by uniting everyone to focus on achieving our business goals. Proper navigation and understanding of cultural differences can lead to benefits for the whole team. Inclusive workplaces will ultimately result in better problem-solving and increased productivity

Among GMD clients: Deloitte, PWC, Council of Europe, MSF – Doctors without borders, Malta Employers Association (MEA), Vassallo Group, Azure Rock Partners, RCI Insurance, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) Europe, BOV, EF, Mr. Green Ltd and the Institute for Education (IFE).

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