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Today more than ever, our worst enemy is fear, a fear generated by the unknown. It kills the mind and freezes our actions. This is why we believe it is important to stimulate people to reposition their attention towards a positive reaction: for this reason, we have launched “Fear is the mind-killer“, an initiative of Atlas World, a community of leaders capable of improving the world with concrete actions.

Born as a collection of positive experiences of entrepreneurs who have been able to overcome the difficulties related to Covid-19, today the Fear is the mind-killer platform welcomes stories of people who face obstacles and adversities with courage, without letting themselves be held back from fear. It hosts reviews, stories and testimonials, video lectures, and quotes. It invites you to share other positive stories of men and women in the entrepreneurial world who face change and uncertainty with courage in their professional sphere.

ATLAS AWARD: a prize for ethical, sustainable, and creative entrepreneurship in Hungary

Within Atlas World, the first edition of the “Atlas Award” was held in 2019, a recognition for entrepreneurs for their ethical, sustainable, and creative way of working. Ethics, Sustainability, and Creativity are the three values in which the Atlas World community is recognized.


This collection of content is useful for those who want to have the tools to face adversity and want to inspire people to give their best while facing the normal fears of everyday life: economic uncertainty linked to the pandemic, change in the online market, international situation linked to the war in Ukraine. ..
The current economic crisis has affected everyone without distinction, the individual as such as well as businesspeople. The initiative aims to support a change in the mentality of everyone for the common goal of facing the current crisis.

“Change is not avoidable, but how it is tackled is a choice”

Given that adversity is part of the process, we believe that, one one hand, it is necessary to learn to ask for help, and to prepare to face obstacles. After that, there should be the fundamental step when we digest the information we acquire and we learn from the experience.

“Our job is to inspire individuals to be more aware and help each other focus on the beauty of the little things, leaving fear behind.”
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