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Coaching: how to attract clients?

Caching Strategy

Starting a coaching practice from scratch is not easy, especially since the key is to attract clients. While some coaches don’t have time for networking, others have no particular appetite for social networks.

As novice coaches, some may simply be afraid to pick up the phone. While it can be difficult to get started in coaching, networking skills and a value proposition with smart sales strategies can go a long way in attracting clients.

Coaching: finding your target market and the common ground between the clients to attract and your own experiences.

The coaching business is based on selling coaching services to people who want to buy them in order to solve a specific problem. But before you spend more time on the part you are passionate about, you need to find these people and know exactly who they are.

The coaching depends mainly on your skills and interests. You will easily gain clients if the type of coaching you offer is closely related to your personal and professional experiences.  For example, many business leaders look for executive coaches who have been in the same position as them.

Attract clients by being where your potential coaching clients maybe 

Once you have targeted your market, it will be easier to find your clients, and the surest way to attract them is to go to the places they usually go. These can be gyms if you are a sports coach, in companies if you are in business coaching, or in management coaching…

Go to your potential clients to tell them how your coaching can change their health, their weight, their business, their life. In short, show them why they need your services. Be part of the landscape of these potential clients and build your credibility by making presentations, attending events.

Add value to the meetings they hold. By writing about topics they are passionate about, you are sure to attract many clients for your coaching.

An efficient website: essential to attract coaching clients

Today’s consumers are used to getting information online before buying a product or a service. Your professional website must highlight your value and your brand image so that your customers can easily recognize them.

It should be based on how you can help your customers. With an effective site with a striking style and good visibility, you put all the chances on your side.

We create your website for you!

You don’t have time to create a website? ITL Marketing takes care of it! Thanks to our design service, and our experience with marketing for coaches. our team of designers realizes for you a customized website with the quality of an agency, our added value is the experience in strategic thinking and marketing planning.

Position yourself as an expert in your type of coaching in order to attract premium clients

Knowing that you are the best in your field. This is what will attract and convince clients to choose your coaching. By writing a specialized book, articles to advise on a specific issue to post on social networks, you assert yourself as an expert in your field.

Another alternative is to intervene in the expert forums of magazines. This is certainly extra work, but it promises maximum effect.

Leveraging the power of video    

Putting yourself on stage in a video. There’s no better way to add credibility to your coaching business and attract potential clients. You don’t need to be fancy, but rather authentic to convince.  Show them how and why your coaching can bring them added value. In the digital age, a video is sure to resonate.

Attracting clients through net linking

In the world of coaching, you don’t necessarily need to make other coaches your enemies. Connecting with them and joining a networking group in your locality even works to your advantage. This is because your field and skills are complementary to theirs. You will be able to recommend each other to clients. In short, it’s a win-win situation.

Encourage former clients who are satisfied with your coaching to testify

There are no better ambassadors than satisfied clients! By word of mouth, they will recommend you to their friends and family, who will, in turn, talk about your services.

As old as the world, word-of-mouth proves its effectiveness every day and even strengthens its reach with the advent of the Internet and social networks.

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