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Game-based skill development. Fajt Ferenc speaks about Ezer-Ker’s experience with Accelium Hungary

In this article, we present the experience of one of the companies that have already trained with Accelium Hungary and enjoyed the benefits of the Accelium methodology.

Ferenc Fajt, the Managing Director and Owner of Ezer-Ker Kft., chose Accelium to develop his own and the company management-team skills. Ezer-Ker Kft. is a company with nearly 2 billion value. It has been operating successfully in the market for more than 25 years. Ferenc Fajt leads the company after a generational change. It’s no coincidence that he chose Accelium. He believes in solutions-oriented, effective, innovative-minded people who value ​​innovations.

We asked Ferenc Fajt about his experiences with the training with Accelium Hungary:

1) Why did you choose Accelium?

When I got more detailed information about the program, it was very sympathetic that it measures abilities and all this in a very pleasant experience.

2) How was it different from other training?

It was very important that the trainer argued with up-to-date examples of today’s topics and problems and how to navigate our work and lives. If someone looks “behind the games”, they can see the parallels between the game-based training topics and everyday life.

3) What is the essential thing that the training has given you personally?

He helped to understand the different tasks, typify obstacles, and provide a way of thinking about them, making it easier to explore solutions. Also, perhaps most importantly, if we understand what we need to do, the process itself is more enjoyable, not just the result itself.

4) What is the most critical thing that brought to you as a leader?

Since we did the training with several other leaders of my company, the training helped us start new ways of thinking, and it strengthened others. But the most important thing is to see that everyone has been affected by different situations entirely differently. Everyone has a strength that, if we focus on it, will quickly become a better professional or colleague.

5) What is the most relevant change you have noticed on your team during and after the training?

The team started being skeptical about it, but still very curious. The trainer shed light on the topics with excellent examples. Many times we slapped our foreheads and said “really??”. As soon as we realized that we couldn’t answer or pay attention to simple, apparently natural things, everyone was excited to get the opportunity to improve. 

Of course, everyone has to face their strengths and weaknesses. It was also essential to see that everyone has both. After the training, I believe everyone experienced greater acceptance of each other, and the managers also acted differently with their teams. The training had a team-building effect because it wasn’t just a lecture but an experience that we did together.

6) What is the most important lesson for the team?

Self-confidence and tools to simplify and understand their tasks. The sense of responsibility has increased.

7) What did the test give you personally (so that if it is not a secret, we can tell you that your results were outstanding both domestically and internationally)?

The first is that I realized how easily a person’s attention could be distracted, even though I consider myself a conscious person. The other is that it highlights the importance of analysis. It is good to assess whether a simple or complex solution is needed, for example. 

I loved that I was given a statement of my abilities as assessed by the games, which pointed out areas I need to focus on more and areas I can trust more in certain cases. Overall, I consider it one of the most comprehensive training I’ve attended so far.

Thanks to Ferenc Fajt for the feedback! If you would like to experience with your team this innovative skills development and assessment opportunity, write to us!

Szilvia Szlavitsek
Head of Accelium Hungary |
ITL Group Head of Corporate training and events |
Phone: +36306766337

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