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Top Best Consulting Firms in Hungary


Hungary is a strong and pivotal economy from a business standpoint: it has the world’s 57th largest economy by nominal GDP and it is the world’s 36th largest exporter and importer of goods. After the annus horribilis 2020 has been due to the COVID pandemic, consulting firms are becoming more important than ever for businesses operating or wishing to operate in Hungary. Key industries such as the IT, real estate and construction, life sciences and biotech, renewable energy, manufacturing, logistics and tourism ones have been strengthened thanks to the Economic Protection Action Plan that was released in the spring of last year. Now, highly specialised fields require skillful professionals who possess specific capabilities and resources to help them re-emerge victoriously from this challenging period and continue in their further development. 

Consulting firms can provide management, law and fiscal services and help improve various divisions or functions within a company. Here is a list of the top best consulting firms in Hungary according to the Budapest Business Journal

Stratis Vezetői és Informatikai Tanácsadó. This management consulting company has been providing its services to more than 150 clients in Hungary and abroad for over 20 years. It has become one of the main innovative management and IT consulting companies on the Hungarian market.
This firms offers management, data and IT and project management consulting with a data-driven mindset, high business intelligence and a proactive and committed group of professionals open to challenges and complex, critical business projects.

AAM Vezetői Informatikai Tanácsadó. The firm has been operating in over 65 countries for over 25 years and prides itself with an international team of professionals all working towards the same goal: the success of their clients. Being one of the leading Hungarian-owned consulting firms, it strives to become a preeminent IT consulting firm by streamlining its clients’ operations and leveraging opportunities to meet the needs required by the dynamic markets. It is specialised in the banking and insurance, energy, telecommunications and media fields.

Clarity Consulting. It is a privately founded Hungarian consulting firm specialised in IT management consultancy services and the implementation of IT solutions for large companies. This firm operational development, business process management and project management services, it implements technology-driven business solutions to guarantee competitiveness to its clients. It has been awarded the Gold Medal at the Constantinus International Award for a project on the creation of the public Hungarian National State Inventory for the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.

ICG Integrated Consulting Group. This holistic and results-oriented consulting company is chacterized by an agile focus on change management, operational excellence, organizational redesign, leadership and digital transformation activites with a high degree of innovation, creativity and practical action. Integrating hard and soft skills and promoting their development through workshops is also a core valuable service of the firm.

Vialto Consulting. Since 2007 its award winning consultants have been providing full scale leadership consultancy to Hungarian and South-Eastern European clients through people-centred communication, outstanding quality and cooperation.

CONSACT Minőségfejlesztési és Vezetési Tanácsadó. This firm has been providing high quality organizational development and management consulting services since 1990. This company soon developed its own consulting model to support its clients in the management, process control, HR and IT areas in a more integrated and efficient way. We aim to offer value-creating and trustworthy relationships with out clients by offering solutions tailored to their needs and always in compliance with the European business and ethical standards. Thanks to this, CONSACT was recognized as Central European Advisory Group

Kvalikon. This firm provides top consulting, training and systems developmet services to Hungarian companies through the most up-to-date and effective methodologies to support the management and improve the workforce capabilities. Customer-focused, the firm has easily adapting to the changes of the business environment it operates in. It currently supports its customers with strategic planning, controlling, lean management, quality management, organization development and management training, business process improvement and systems development.

Borealis Catalyst. This firm prides itself as a strategic business advisor and organizational development company. Operating in close partnership with its clients both in Hungary and abroad, it offers assistance in defining business strategies or directions and coordinaring processes and systems to deliver tangible results and sustainable change. It helps his client companies improve their operational quality, strategy execution, management leaderships skills and people engagement while introducing innovative digital HR and tech solutions. It operates across various industries including the FMCG, retail, bank, public utility services sectors.

Európa Tréning Szervezetfejlesztő és Tanácsadó. This consulting firm has been offering consultancy and school education services since 1999. The professional background of its founders has allowed the firm to become very well known in a short amount of time, so much so that Európa Tréning is currently one of the main training and education companies in Hungary whose goal is to fully satisfy the professional education requirements of its clients in full compliance with the European quality standards.

Xellum Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató. Founded in 2004, this consulting firm focuses on offering a custom-made approach to each of its clients made up of a strategy and matching business plan. Its founders combined their years of experience and hundreds projects with an international mindset and commitment to quality and transparency to build a professional but family-like, friendly atmosphere where professionals comply to ethical norms and work in cooperation without comprimises to deliver creative and unique results. 12 years on the professional excellence and the efficiency and success of the company and its clients are still remaining intact.

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